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General: 2010 Awards: New Game of the Year



  • eveque67eveque67 Member UncommonPosts: 64

    Pls put the same game on BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENTS of the YEAR.  Now THAT will be a contest!

  • Xero_ChanceXero_Chance Member Posts: 519

    Legos are still the ultimate form of entertainment for all ages and will continue to be so for all eternity.

  • Binny45Binny45 Member UncommonPosts: 518

    I wanted to vote Perpetuum, but it still needs a little polish here and there.  It shows great promise, but I wouldn't go so far as to say it's "game of the year". The depth is there, but if people can't get into your game fast enough, they're going to lose interest.  This is something that plagues EvE Online (my personal favorite game of all time and still playing it). Definately a mainstay for it's hard core fans though.  It is a very close second to my choice.

    Out of all of them I had to give my vote to LEGO Universe.  I'm not basing this on audience, but on polish, response from customer service, content being added at an astounding rate, and it simply offers more than a "hack and slash" game that 99% of mmo's out there offer.  The funny thing is, this game offers more rewards for achievements then any other game I've played, MMO or single player. 

    This game had a great launch, has been having even better content releases and if it keeps going the way it's going, is only going to get better.  We're two months into the game and already there have been five content additions, with much more to follow. To those that haven't played this game, you definately are missing out. but check the "I'm so hardcore" attitude at the launch pad.  This game is meant to be light and fun and certainly does not take itself seriously.  If Netdevil decided to strip the LEGO skin off this game, tweak it and make a hardcore MMO out of it, it'd be getting all votes here, hands down.


  • HekketHekket Member Posts: 905

    None of the above.

  • sazabisazabi Member UncommonPosts: 389

    all of them suck, but since there were no other games released this year then...

    i guess lego universe should get the vote.

    i mean... its different than all others.

  • DrFragDrFrag Member Posts: 28


  • tank017tank017 Member Posts: 2,192

    I would have voted for Vindictus as it is very well done and unique..

    but an MMO it is not..

    Refraining from choosing NOTA,I chose Perpetuum.

  • ParadoxyParadoxy Member Posts: 786

    Perpetuum Online. Surprise hit of the year.

    Who could have thought that WOW could bring super power like USA to its knees?

    Originally posted by Arcken

    To put it in a nutshell, our society is about to hit the fan, grades are dropping, obesity is going up,childhood the USA is going to lose its super power status before too long, but hey, as long as we have a cheap method to babysit our kids, all will be well no?
    Im picking on WoW btw because its the beast that made all of this possible

  • NikkitaNikkita Member Posts: 790

    None of the above. And i am shocked that FFXIV is even considered for this award.


    Bite Me

  • mindw0rkmindw0rk Member UncommonPosts: 1,356

    Looking at this list just reminds me what a failure 2010 was for MMORPG genre. Voted for Perpetuum just because its something refreshing. Would be fun battle between FF14 and MO for biggest disaster of the year

  • QazzQazz Member Posts: 577

    "None of the Above" was released this year? I've never heard of that game, so I voted for Vindictus.

  • daeandordaeandor Member UncommonPosts: 2,693

    None of the Above deserves to win 2010.

  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 CommonPosts: 6,690

    Global Agenda gets my vote. By far better than anyone else on the list.

  • theartisttheartist Member Posts: 553

    None of thee above.


    It's like asking me if I want to die by being smothered by a ton of rats or a ton of crap.


    Oh I'd also like to write-in Lord of the Rings Online F2P! If it's not an option, I'll just express that I think it's deserving to go on the list.

  • eindinblocheindinbloch Member Posts: 60

    Mortal is the only game I would consider playing on that list.

  • DoktorianDoktorian Member Posts: 131

    Absolutely N-O-N-E!

  • kyrusosiskyrusosis Member Posts: 14

    Voted none. Nothing good came out this year or revolutionary. Interesting to see what Hi rez will do with Tribes though. Global agenda was kind of fun. Just not fleshed out.

  • HipnutHipnut Member Posts: 6

    Originally posted by mrw0lf

    What is the point in a nota option? Surely just not voting would have the same impact? It stands to reason that it's going to massively outvote the others as anoyone who plays a game not on that list and hasn't even tried any of the ones on the list will all vote nota.


    The point of nota, rather than just not voting, is to actively express disaffection with the choices offered, thereby

    1) making it clear that the voters feel the choice of releases during that period was poor

    2) as was said, preventing random_pos_1 game from being able to claim '2010 game of the year as voted by readers' on their box.

  • SvartlackadSvartlackad Member Posts: 54

    Stood between Global Agenda and Perpetuum for me actually.


    Global Agenda is a great game, easy to get into and tho it seems to lack people, it has pontential to be a really great game, also I'm looking forward to expansion next year.

    Perpetuum was brilliantly done, I played it and thinking about subbing as soon as I get money. So I went and voted for this one.


    Also, to join discussion, NOTA is a GREAT choice to have in ANY form of poll. It shows that you actually care what happens and proves to be a great way to show that people dislikes whats currently going on. It is a must to have this option so that every one has the chance to vote for what they believe.

  • Silver_LeafSilver_Leaf Member Posts: 135

    Don't see how Failure Failtasy even deserves a mention.

  • headenheaden Member UncommonPosts: 229

    Originally posted by elocke

    Thank you SO much for the None of the Above option!  Sad to say, but not one of those games even remotely impressed me this year, hence why I had to vote none of the above.



  • headenheaden Member UncommonPosts: 229

    Originally posted by Silver_Leaf

    Don't see how Failure Failtasy even deserves a mention.

    Mortal online is on this list.... Mortal Online?  You wonder how FF got on this list?!?

  • KellerKeller Member UncommonPosts: 602

    I had most fun in Lego Universe Beta, so I voted for that game.

  • TheMinnTheMinn Member Posts: 397

    I voted for FFXIV because it is the most coolest well put together MMO I have ever played. ha ha, not really. yeah there is nothing on the list that I voted for so 'none of the above'. this year was lame. I have been beta'ing 2 MMOs (obviously I cannot say) and I wouldn't vote for those two either. lame!

  • ZoeMcCloskeyZoeMcCloskey Member UncommonPosts: 1,370

    Fun game in spite of it's community, I voted for Global Agenda.

    Wish I could take a look at Perpetuum but too many MMOs and no time left over.

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