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Age of Armor FTP issues

YenahYenah Member Posts: 3

Hello im having some issues with age of armor i would deeply appreciate it if anyone can help me? when i launch age of armor from the shortcut and it gets to the patching screen shortly after i get a message saying this exactly. "Can not connect the version verification server, please check you network connections and wether your network be allowed to visit the FTP server, if you confirm your network is ok, please click the set button manually to select another server to update! thats what it says word for word what does it mean? and what actions should i or do i take to get it to stop doing this? its a aquired taste and i liek the game i play it when Mabinogi is down for maintenance and stuff ^^; please help me.

Yena Atsuma


  • ThalariusThalarius Member Posts: 125

    You do realize that this is the wrong place for asking that. What you should have done was to contact Age of Armor Support. They could better help you then the folks here. 

  • YenahYenah Member Posts: 3

    Sorry i do not post alot im originally a console player so i dont knwo about where to post or if im "spamming" or however people say it, i apologize and thank you. :)

    Yena Atsuma

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