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[A] Nordrassil - Euro: Sophrosyne Are Recruiting Polite People for Cata

StywriStywri Member Posts: 5

OI! Aye you, the funny lookin' one! What're ye doin'?

Moping about 'cos yer surrounded by lolboi's who spell you with a "U"?

Idle in Stormwind while the rest of yer "social" guild witters about gearscore?

Standing gobsmacked in the Ironforge at the mind-numbing horror of it all?

Gonnae no dae that!

Sophrosyne, headed by the energizer bunny-gnome Chromeeh, is on the lookout for the depressed, the bored and the otherwise disenchanted of Azeroth!

What we want: People who want to have FUN! Those who can not only speak well, but act well! Friendly, relaxed and good people who fancy sampling everything this game has to offer.

What we provide: A smart, sensible and supportive Guild community. Standards of behaviour and tolerance. Straightforward, no-nonsense policies so we all know where we stand. Raids of every kind, on every level, for ALL members. A fine bank thats clear and easy to use. RP storylines and events in the future too!

....but most of all, we provide help and community. You want more than what we can give? We'll put you in touch with the best we can find for you!

We're not bothered about what numbers you have on yer pixels, what backstory your character has, just your personality and behaviour. Bear in mind, We are NOT interested in insta-levelling to 85, but more about the story and content on the way! Raid will be fun and you may even be seranade'd by our resident romantic on ventrillo :)

If yer interested in a group like this, or want more info, prod me in the game or send me an in game mail.

Feel free to check out and have a chortle too!

And next time you see another lol-fest on yer guild channel, or get left out of a raid for some gimp from another guild because your leader wants more JP/achievement points more than a guildies happiness, or stand in Silvermoon being drooled at by "Darksoul McTwilight, Death Knight Vampire-Demon", remember thats theres simply better out there...

...and we're it!

Chromeeh, Allendra & Adventor.

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