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Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 7 gaming mouse

TimmeyhTimmeyh Member Posts: 166

have anyone here tried any of the R.A.T. mouses?

they look awsome and it seems like they got a few cool functions.






  • skeaserskeaser Member RarePosts: 4,098

    I use a naga and the RAT scares me.

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  • Big.Daddy.SamediBig.Daddy.Samedi Member UncommonPosts: 294

    Originally posted by Timmeyh

    have anyone here tried any of the R.A.T. mouses?

    they look awsome and it seems like they got a few cool functions.





    I want one :).. I also use a Naga mouse..... but that thing is sweet!

  • ShinamiShinami Member UncommonPosts: 825

    I've tried many mice.


    The RAT mice series are a special series aimed at the highest technical gamer out there. In short, gamers who score high but know nothing about configuring games ,operating systems and really getting deep into it all will actually perform worse with the mouse or get stuck...


    If you truly know tons about controlling reaction time and the millions of settings one can do to make game performance better (I wrote a guide of it in 2003 that was 110 pages and Im working on another guide for 2011 release), this mouse is for you. 


    Right now in the Gaming Leagues I am part of, during my time as DMC I used Logitech mice and its what I tend to use. I tried RAT mice and found it very sensitive to settings...Its ahead of its time, but its not really understood by many or won't really be. ^_^ Also, you will need the highest of resolutions like triple monitor gaming under 7680 x 1600 to see the highest end-effect on this mouse. 


    Its like asking for a toaster oven and telling me all you care about is burning toast. Better to just buy a pure toaster for half the cost and be done with it. 

  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,297

    I love Saitek Inputs so I cannot give a bad review on the R.A.T.

  • VooDoo_PapaVooDoo_Papa Member UncommonPosts: 897

    Im a gadget freak so, ya I own one.  I did a review of it not long ago on a different site.  Here it is:



    Pros: Extremely adjustable for finicky people and perfect alignment of filanges. 3 different pieces for the palm and the pinky for different styles of gamer. The scroll button is nice and chunky and lines up perfectly with the end of the middle fingers.

    Cons: the detatchable peices are a little on the "light" side. The palm piece has a slight "wiggle" to it.

    Other Thoughts: Im really picky when it comes to mice and how they fit my hand. There always seems to be one flaw with a mouse and of course no way to adjust it. This thing is perfect in that it allows me to shift buttons around to help align with my hand as well as the position that my palm is in. I no long find myself repositioning my fingers to find buttons as I can position them exactly where I touch them.


    ya thats really brief but out of all the mice I've owned this one is one of the nicest.  It doesnt quite have the comfort of a logitech gaming mouse, but theres a few things this mouse has that logitech can learn from. 

    For starters, the alignment of the middle mouse button.  Its ideal for people who palm their mouse because it sits further forward.  Most mice force your middle finger to curl or arch back to reach the middle mouse button.  The RAT lines up perfectly with the tip of the finger.  In fact, its so flexible you can align all of the mouse buttons to the tips of your finger so your not reaching around for anything.

    Another thing are the extensions on the thumb and the added extension for the pinky.  Its more like a pad that your thumb and pinky rests on to keep your fings from dragging across the mouse pad on both sides of the mouse.  Logitech has been putting these extensions on the thumb for a while, but for the longest time my pinky being behind the mouse dragging on my mouse pad has drove me nuts.  The rat has 3 different pads for the pinky to select from and it keeps all your fingers on the mouse and not dragging on the mouse pad.

    So, Im not saying the mouse isnt comfortable but logitech just makes an extremely comfortable mouse.  It just lacks the features that the RAT has which makes me prefer the RAT over most gaming ergo mice.

  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Member CommonPosts: 10,910

    I have found that the DeathAdder from Razer is about the most ergonomic mouse I've ever used. I too am a mouse buying idiot. The DeathAdder body shape is also used for the Mamba and a bit for the Naga. The Naga seems kind of small though.

    I just wish Razer would go with more buttons like the Piece of [email protected] WoW mouse...but with Razer quality.

    The R.a.t. 7 looks pretty awesome but the other Saitek mice I've tried just didn't feel right in my hand. One of the Saitek mice had a switch so you could change the size of the mouse. I just sat there pushing the button and watching the mouse growl while it got bigger and smaller. It was really cool but didn't feel very good to actually use.

    You almost can't go wrong with Logitech but I haven't used one in a long time.

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  • kazmokazmo Member Posts: 715

    Looks great.

    I need a new keyboard before I need an upgrade for my mouse.

    I already have a Logitech G9 mouse, but  I could something more. I though the two palm molds it came with were the tops, but the RAT 9 looks pretty intense. I'd love to be able to custom fit my hand. Not to mention, it looks insane. You could customize your entire gaming lair around the mouse.

  • Shooter-90Shooter-90 Member Posts: 100

    RAT-7 is the most sexiest rodent ever...I saw it in stores and now I'm kind of on and off whether I should get it. I prefer my basic laser mouse. =)

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