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Which is better for gaming?



  • theyalllietheyalllie Member Posts: 229

    I did al little looking around at this same topic a couple days ago. In adition to Sandy Bridge I found a little info about the ATI mobility 6300 and mobility 6500. But only found one laptop each, with the cards in them.

    I think that when Sandy Bridge comes out, you will also see these two cards in conjunction  with the new Processors.

    That I beleive will mean more CPU power same temp, more GPU power same temp. My gut tells me 20%-30% greater performance in games, for the same price as the sales that are going on now.

    I just wish I could find enough to confirm my gut, in articles/benchmarks...etc.

    Really, ask yourself, what do you have to loose? The machines on sale now, will still be around then, and probably at similar prices And you may, end up with a platform that does even a bit more than you are willing to accept now, for the same price.

    Maybe just maybe add an SSD for 300, and really be grooving, as far as laptops go. And if not, if they do decide to charge a higher price in a depressed economy, which would be relatively stupid, then you still have the same options you have today, with a tax return right around the corner.

    Waiting would seem to be a win win. FTW?

  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 22,682

    There aren't huge gains in laptop video cards coming in the near future.  I don't expect big gains in performance per watt on the same process node.  Maybe they'll be able to offer something 10% better or some such (as Barts did as compared to Evergreen), but much higher performance will still mean much more heat.

    Realistically, the next new process node for video cards isn't coming until Summer, and possibly later.  That's far enough away as to not be worth waiting for for most people who would like to buy something now.  I guess it could be worth waiting for in the case of people who want to upgrade when a given level of performance is available, but not before that, as it wouldn't be enough of an upgrade over what they have.

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