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What does this mean?

EliteSinEliteSin Member UncommonPosts: 5

*Not intentionally a double rainbow quote.*


So it's been a while.  We all know that.  I mean, what I could do right now is give an endless lecture about how Huxley has had a past very similar to Duke Nuke Forever's.  And how I was one of the Beta-Testers since the first closed beta on ijji.


But I won't.  For everyone unfamiliar with this game and/or thinks it was dead before it actually was.  The game had 3 tests in North America on


* Closed Beta 1 - 14 days (give or take a couple)

* Closed Beta 2 - 14 days (give or take a couple)

* Frontier Test 3 - 3 days


Then after three consecutive tests mostly without any delayed information or news.  The flow of inormation stopped after the Frontier Test as it usually does when beta's end.  To collect the feedback and whatnot.


About a year goes by, and here we were with no news whatsoever.


All of a sudden on August 28th, a post is revealed telling us that Webzen, the developer of Huxley, has recalled the game to host it as a Global Product, meaning that they wan't the game to be on one website, with the same client/program, just different launguages and different servers, within the game.


Which is much easier than hosting it in 6 different countries with 6 different companies, and having different assets to manage.  So Huxley is recalled and the rights are given back to Webzen, which is a partner, and an internal division of NHN USA ,inc. who runs and


So, ijji gives the rights back to Webzen.  Then I waited patiently for Hangame to do the same.  Now, keep in mind they are both the same company, just split into American and Korean divisions.  You think that they would be giving the game back also, if it's the same company, and Webzen wants a Global Product.


Turns out just now Webzen recalled the game from Hangame also.  Hangame felt they should as well as ijji did, being both operated by the same company.


I tried to translate the message and only saw something about Webzen and refunding items from the item shop, as well as a date in December (2010) that everybody needed to be done by, maybe for character transfers to its new yet familiar host Webzen.


I need help with this message, google translater distorts it, as well as other translating processor devices.


Please feel free to post any leads/finds/opinions, just don't bash me if I'm off a few days on a date.


P.S. The Korean Version was obviously ahead of the American seeing as how the American one never was fully released before it was destined to be send back to Webzen this August of 2010.  And the Korean Version started Open Beta in May of 2010 and was fully released in July of 2010.

That was Legit.



  • Berserker202Berserker202 Member Posts: 44

    So it was  completed in korea and released but was then recalled? And supposably is being worked on again?

  • EliteSinEliteSin Member UncommonPosts: 5

    Well after being thrown around for 4 1/2 years, it was completed in Korea officially back in May of this year.


    The game has been being polished by maintenance and updates for a few months now in full release.


    The reason I posted those links is because on that official site, they mentioned something about going back to webzen, so i assumed that they meant transferring back. But I need a Korean speaker to confirm or deny my suspicion.

    That was Legit.

  • KiknarseKiknarse Member Posts: 14

    It FAILED because they were stupid enough to release it in the "EAST" first instead of the WEST!  Everything about Huxley looks and feels western.

    Stupid arse people trying to feed that to the EAST first.  I bet it would of took off if most of the beta testers were from N.America.  Hell WTH (where the hell) was my (MN,USA) beta key?

    Hope your reading this Webzen!

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