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ffxiv refugee

I tried this game at launch and didn't care for it much.  Mainly cuz i was totally immersed in ffxi at the time of launch.  So I did'nt play past the free 30 day trial period.

Roll ahead a few years and waiting patiently for ffxiv release.

In the meantime I played a few f2p all the PW releases.  I didn't like the f2p setup.  The constant need to use the item shop sorta got me down.  Not the fact that they needed me to spend money to support the game, but the way they did it...with gear upgrades and huge mounts for sale, just to mention a few things.  Mainly that "ubber" was for sale...I was so used to having to "earn" my stuff not just click on em in an item shop.  Made having all the best stuff sort of moot...I mean all I need is a debit card and I'm set?  not for me at all.

So finally ffxiv was launched...yay.  But what a let  

So I tried lotro....and yay, a game with all the features of a fee based games and none of the cost to try.  I'm a I'm back in my element...w00t.  I love that they have an AH, mail system, crafting, storyline, lots of quests, instances, and emotes.

I'll prolly subscribe soon cuz I'm having alotta fun there.  A good kinship is all important and I luckily found a good one.

So give it a may like it...^^

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