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Dev talks of Aion 2.5

Sorrows101Sorrows101 Member Posts: 23

Now Aion has updated to version 2.1 and the developer team will work on the next update, version 2.5. Recently, NCsoft's Kim Hyoung-Jun reveals some important information about Aion 2.5/3.0 in Japan and Taiwan. Read on to find out what does he say.

Information revealed in Aion 2.1(JP) press conference (source)

Aion 2.5 will upgrade the visual effect and the graphic will be close to that shows in the Vision movie. If you still remember the movie released last year you must be impressed by its enhanced graphic. People see this video as an Aion 3.0 trailer, but NCsoft has told in different occasions that the contents show in the trailer won't be available in a single update but will be released to players in several patches.

According to Kim Hyoung-Jun, they will apply improved CryEngine in Aion 2.5 but considering the upgraded graphic will require more powerful PC, the developer will provide another version that makes little change on graphic. That's to say, there will be 2 clients, one for high end PCs, one for low end PCs, and the 2 clients are just different on graphic.

He also explains their work on making the Vision movie into reality. He tells that the Aion team understands players' want to have all the exciting new contents in one expansion, but it's difficult for the developer to make it.

Information revealed in Aion 2.1(TW) interview (source)

The following info is from Taiwanese gaming website Gamebase's interview with Kim Hyoung-Jun.

It's an interview mainly focuses on Aion 2.1, but the developer mentions some information of the future versions, too.

As for the future plan, Kim Hyoung-Jun tells that hopefully in Aion 2.5, the boss monsters could drop pets(the same appearance as the bosses) when you defeat them. Player houses and mounts are two important systems that they plan to release in next expansion. The location of those houses is undecided and mounts are only for travel. He also denies that rumor of new playable race in Aion 2.5/3.0 and says that even there's new playable race it will be in the very far future. Although there won't be new race to play, according to Kim Hyoung-Jun, there may be a chance that Asmodian and Elyos will work together in some quests.

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