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Anti Virus software?

CrazedBeaverCrazedBeaver Member Posts: 73

Since I'm looking at a new PC, this is one thing I'm thinking over.  Some PC builders offer no virus protection, and thus no system hogging nag-ware.  I was thinking about a free anti virus program I've heard people say is better than the pay stuff, but I can't recall the name...

My sister also asked me what she should get.  Since she's just a very basic computer user, maybe I should tell her to go for one of the mainstream anti virus programs?



  • Einherjar_LCEinherjar_LC Member UncommonPosts: 1,055

    Get AVG.


    It's free and it's good.  No bloatware, or adware.  It simply does what it's supposed to.  It's all I install on all the systems I build, including my own, and I've never had a complaint from anyone.


    Here's the link to the free download:



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  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,491

    indeed, avg is a good 1, ive been using it for years, no complaints

  • deathukdeathuk Member Posts: 38

    avg for antivirus

    zone alarm for firewall

    and ad- aware for spyware

  • ste2000ste2000 Member EpicPosts: 6,194

    Avira Antivirus

    Comodo Firewall (Just disable the Defense+ feature and it works a treat)

  • IchmenIchmen Member UncommonPosts: 1,228

    i agree with the above. 

    ad-aware is good, used to use it. now AVG 9/11 covers virus and cookies. 

    firewall i use comodo which also has an anti-virus, only use it over zone alarm as i had issues with ZA over some games. like gamegaurd joke protected games didnt always give the option to allow it to run..

    but that was a few years ago.


    AV : AVG one of the top free ware AVs

    firewall: ZA or comodo 

    if u want pure spy/ad ware.. use ad aware but like i said the newest free AVG does a decent job on its own. 


    a site i use to search up this stuff is majorgeeks.com  they cover alot of paid/free software. 

  • stayontargetstayontarget Member RarePosts: 6,515

    ThreatFire is good also.

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  • DarLorkarDarLorkar Member UncommonPosts: 1,082

    Avira for Virus protection is good. And although people knock it i set up my wife with windows firewall.

    Avira free at : http://www.avira.com/

    For people that do not know computers well, some of the firewalls out there can be very confusing. Windows does very well for novice users, since there is nothing to mess with it takes care of everything and already built in to windows.


    Had her using the above 2 for 2 years now and she never had any problems. Pay out nothing and get good protection that is easy to use. Set up avira to run automaticly and people will never see it at all. Does all the updating and scanning during hours they are away from computer.

  • liquescentliquescent Member CommonPosts: 145

    I use microsoft security essentials currently on 6 computers and have had no problems at all.


    I would recommend this software to anyone.

  • sizewellsizewell Member Posts: 16



    I used AVG for a couple of years now, but was not very impressed when I updated to AVG 2011. When I ran WOW, I got a pop-up claiming that the Launcher.exe was malware and reported it saying that it had deleted 2 exe's and terminated 6 other files. There was no way in which you could ignore this and prompted you to reboot your PC. Luckily I was able to restore these files after the reboot.  On the forums it said it was a false positive. AVG seems to have far too many false positives.

    I am now using Microsoft Security Essentials, but so far am not very confident with it as it seems very limited, as far as you wouldnt even know it was there. A full scan, took a few hours to run (same as AVG). A quick scan was ...err very quick and my history is blank. I also use Comodo for my firewall.

  • JeroboamJeroboam Member Posts: 3

    I'm using MS Essentials as well as it is free. I've used Avira and Avast, both paid versions and they perform well enough. But I stopped subscribing when MS Essentials came out.

    You can also add Malwarebytes for additional protection.

  • ParadoxyParadoxy Member Posts: 786

    I have been using AVG free for years. Just last week i upgraded to AVG internet security 2011, best decision i made ;)

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  • skeaserskeaser Member RarePosts: 4,098

    I am currently using AVG as well and happy so far.

    I was a devout Avast! user until it failed to catch some nasty things that made their way to my hard drive resulting in a few hours of work for me to clean things up, so away it went. I replaced Avast! with BitDefender which didn't work at all. The service would stop, with no error/warning message and I would go for who knows how long unprotected until I opened up the taskbar and noticed the icon had gone gray. Hopefully AVG will do better than the last two.

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  • ShinamiShinami Member UncommonPosts: 825

    I was a devoted Antivirus user, until I found Linux many years ago and found that since I play old games more than newer ones, that Linux + Wine breaks 60 FPS to the point for almost every old game I enjoy....I don't need Windows. So now I dual boot windows and Linux.


    Linux for 90% of everything I do + Old Gaming. 

    Windows for the Games that do not work on Wine + Linux


    Due to having two operating systems, I was able to trim down Windows 7 just for gaming and optimized it so its not heavily bloated compared to a full installation. 


    Of course, I tend to recommend AVG, Avira and Avast. Problem is that I can tell my customer "X is the best of the set of Y values" and they will say "Oh I want this one, because it looks nice!" so I have to deal with the human condition daily.

  • AmazingAveryAmazingAvery Age of Conan AdvocateMember UncommonPosts: 7,188

    In the past I have used AVG and think it is decent for a free one.

    For the past few years have been using ESET NOD32 Antivirus (paid) best thing out there imo.

    If your on the free then check these products out too:




    Auslogics Antivirus 2010

    Auslogics Disk Defrag


    If you get tired of scans when playing games or in general slowing down PC, then pay for ESET the best out there that uses low memory usage too!

  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,297

    I love ESET NOD32.  Been using it for years.  Plus they are a local company, so I can go to their offices if they fail to meet my expectations.

  • Stiflew0wStiflew0w Member Posts: 3

    go for a Kaspersky Anti-VIrus, it is a good software that you can trust.

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