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[H] Seppuku - Doomhammer US, Afternoon raiding recruiting for Cata

dark6436dark6436 Member Posts: 20


Seppuku has been around in one form or another since "vanilla" WoW.  We are a small mostly friends and family casual guild. Our main focus for Cataclysm will be 10-man content. We are looking to fill out some key roles with reliable active players. 


Our new web page is under construction but here is the link:


We raid @ Noon server time (2pm EST), 3 days a week

The raiding days per week will change to fit our members schedule.


We are in need of the following classes:

- Mage

- Hunter

-Paladin, Prot  or  Druid Feral (Tank)


Classes we could use 1 more of:

- Druid, Boomkin w/ Healing offspec

- Priest, Shadow w/ Healing offspec

- Shaman, Restro

- Warrior, Furry

- Warlock


If interested please submit an application on our guilds web page or contact an officer in-game.

In-game contacts: 





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