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EQ2X guide program being discussed

NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

We have talked about adding guides to the EQ2X server, and I believe it's going to happen...but probably not before the holidays. With the server merges going on for EQII, the guides will all be shuffling about and getting readjusted to their new homes for a little while.

I think once the server merges have completed and the dust has settled we may look into getting some guides over here. In the meantime, there is an NPC that gives out most of the guide quests on EQ2X. I'm sorry I don't know the name or where they are right off hand, but I'll see if the lovely Naylie knows...she's the head gnome over all the guides. SMILEY

And if anyone is interested in becoming a guide, you can visit for more information. Should you wish to join the ranks of the program, simply fill out the Guide Application located at

As realmoe said, you can't be a guide on the server you play on, so any guides who end up over here on Freeport will have their play accounts on one of the other servers


later in the thread, this is stated


Yes we are planning on adding Guides onto EQ2 Extended. We do still have a few issues to work out with their accounts, but once that is taken care of there will be Guides. And no we are not planning on removing the Guide NPCs. EQ2 Extended gets to have both! Look for Guides to be around sometime in the New Year.

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