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Earth Eternal Facebook Group has a new admin..

rhinokrhinok Member UncommonPosts: 1,798

Earth Eternal's been dark since the beginning of September.  The sale to the new company wasn't actually finalized until mid-October, but there's been no word of who actually purchased the game.  As mentioned in a previous post, I and others theorize that some division of Time Warner bought the game, due to the domain registration.  Today, there's something new to speculate about:

A fourth group administrator was just added to the official Earth Eternal group on Facebook. Previously, the admins of the Group were Andrew (Piggypops), Matt (Aurelius) and Michael Lehman (Marketing Veep). The new admin (in addition to the existing three) is "Jac Ky". His facebook profile is extremely limited, but has him listed as liking Cartoon Network India, Cartoon Network Austraila, Earth Eternal and Ben 10 Omniverse. His only friend is Andrew.

A quick search only reveals one "Jac Ky", who's in Malaysia (makes sense, given both the name and--if it's the same person on facebook--liking Indian and Australian versions of of Cartoon Network). No other info is available, since the profile is private.

So, a new group admin who likes TW properties and is most likely from another region. Interesting..



  • couldcarelescouldcareles Member Posts: 15

    Well.. who knows I'd rather not speculate.   I just hope who ever bought it fixs it up and makes it playable again.    The game had some potential.  Though they didn't have the budget to really make it happen.  Upadting the graphics from the first build never got done.  The bug fixing seemed slow "because they really just didn't have the manpower".

    As long as the new owner isn't a fly by night cash shop company like netgame or whatever I'm sure it'll be ok.                         

  • FMLxFMLx Member UncommonPosts: 19

    was a good game but I need a one-time download client, I can't both play and download at the same time because I lag.

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