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TORqued A Star Wars: The Old Republic Fan Vodcast

Hey whats going on guys?

I your fat and nerdy host Matt, would like to formally invite you to watch my show TORqued: A SWTOR Fan Vodcast

I bring you the news and TOR updates you crave and also spotlight other star wars related material.

Come and get your 10 minutes of info and laughs @


TORqued Vodcast is a fan production. All Star Wars Material fan made or official is not the property of the host and is not intended to infringe copyrights of Bioware, Lucasarts, Lucasfilm, or any other company or property involved with the production of this show. All Music, images and Information are posted clearly for the purpose of free advertising and these companies are not involved with "TORqued". The opinions in this show are not the opinions of the companies mentioned above.

TORqued Vodcast
a Star Wars Show

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