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Warning about AE

deckradeckra Member Posts: 4

If you want to succeed, you must go all the way. You are forced to go without much sleep the first week if you hope to be able to compete with others. You must be a cutthroat to survive. If you are not, you will not be succesful.

Also, on upgrade- In order to compete you are forced to get 1-2 months upgrades to get the extra bases and buildings. But the three month upgrade is cheap and all you truly need. Free will only get you so far.

anyone interested in learning to play this game, and are willing to be very active, can contact me. The new server opened up and this is a prime time for someone to learn to play. 

PS: The majority of top guilds also have a fifth board for 'boobz' or 'pronz' or even just plain old 'lulz'. They are not joking, don't go to that forum if you don't want to see it. It's commonly denoted as NSFW (not safe for work).


  • JordacheJordache Member Posts: 1

    I fully agree with deckra, AE certainly should come with a warning.  **You get out from it exactly what you put into it.  If you have the time to invest (And a couple bucks a month), you can be top player with relative ease.  Also, a basic understanding of math can help.

    I have played for just over two years now, and for the first six months, I had only played with a free account.  Pretty quickly, and even without anyone telling you, you will notice the drawbacks to it.  And shortly after that, you find out that AE isn't particularly noob friendly.  It is hard to play catch up, especially if you intend to play competitively.  Because most "pro" players are most likely upgraded and most likely have a much better grasp of the game mechanics.

    So I just waited.  Yep, for several months I just waited for the next server to come out (new servers open every 6 months.) There are many guides out there for you to read, and many, many people out there who are more than willing to help you learn.  Sure you can play for Free, but you're really just getting a small fraction of what this game is really about, and I really had no idea what I was in for.

    Starting a new server with any prior knowledge of the game was like apples and oranges.  If you have the time, and ambition (Don't get me started on that) AE is a perfect game for you.  The AE community (Probably a few hundred forum warriors) and leadership personalities are a huge part of the game as well (Definitely don't let me get started on that.)   

    I completely understand how a non-noob friendly game like AE could be a turn off for some people, AE is absolutely not for everyone.  But if you like a game that rewards intelligence, patience (Some ships take Hundreds of hours to build), and if down the road you can work your way into guild leadership, charisma, Astro Empires should be your calling. 

  • FarOutFishFarOutFish Member Posts: 52

    A few of us have been playing long enough, several decades, to remember Master of Orion, it was before the internet, a stand alone game.. If you do, AE is MOO on steroids with real competition. MOO was game of the year, addictive, so addictive I only stopped playing when it no longer would play on my OPS. A lot of players had the same problem, if you are one of them, you will love this game


    WARNING playing this game is so addictive I am surprised the DEA has not listed it as a “Schedule One Narcotic”. You either play a week or you play for the rest of your life.


    The best players have lots of time. A little OCD helps. The game never pauses, you can be sound asleep while one of your bases is being attacked by another player. There are a number of strategies to prevent this disaster, however if you can't log in 3 or more times a day checking how things are going, you are at a disadvantage. I understand you can check in using a mobile device, since most of the time it does not long. addicts need not suffer withdrawal. Commitment is the key.


    Using a guild system, there is a lot of communication between players causing a lot of drama. A thick skin is helpful, however the diplomacy, alliances, massive battles and wars, coupled by the occasional stab in the back, are as engrossing as the development of your empire. Beware, as in most games, some players are members of the Kiddie Klown Klub, mucking things up, however no more than any other game I have played.


    The forum can best be describes as a “The Lord of the Flies” supervised by the Spanish Inquisition. While there are great user generated guides explaining how to play the game, trying to ask questions or say just about any thing that annoys the “old hands” results in a “Flame War”. Post at your own risk


    This is a great game, time sink, addition, and challenge for the right people. If you want the flashiest graphics, quickest twitches, an endless adrenaline rush, this is not for you. If you want an incredible challenge, a lot of work, good friends working in cooperation to fight battles involving fleets of hundred of thousand ships, ranging from fighters, to a “Death Star”,-. in epic battles to control entire galaxies, I'd bet dollars to doughnuts you would end up with us other addicts.

  • isiaisia Member Posts: 18

    This is a great game, but not for everyone.    You are getting in to a game that some people have been playing for years, know intuitively, and have outside programs to help them.    There is incentive bordering on necessary to attack other players and loot them, and players are vulnerable 24 x 7,

    This means that your playing experience is directly related to how active your fellow guild mates are, and you to them.    Crappy/inattentive players hurt their guildmates, so there is no love lost between the hyperactives and farms.    Pretty much means you either jump into this game with both feet or stay away.

    That being said, battles are intense, all-day/all-night, some of the best game experiences anyway.

    Interface can be laggy, communication channels are 5 years out of date, serves in Portugal is I'm right.    

  • SilverKnight1966SilverKnight1966 Member Posts: 9

    As Jordache mentioned... all of that is absolutely true.  There is no new content each server for one reason : this game is nearly PURE Player vs Player, RTS, ongoing 24/7, never ending.


    It is not newb friendly, because old hands tend to distrust strangers, often with really good reason.  Spies/saboteurs/suiciders


    If you want to win at all costs, you will be frustrated eventually.  This game involves flesh and blood players, and that is what makes the drama that engrosses the players. 


    It's the heroin of MMO games.

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