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Vodcast USWTORV Ep. VII is up!!!

First off TOR-zans(!) - thank you all for the overwelming response to my fan vid -

However - I do have the weekly vodcast episode done and ready for view!  It rock guys - I put 24 straight hours (yeah I am tired).  I am taking the show to a more entertainment route.  Still learning editing and what I can/can't do.  But I am SUPER pleased with the show.

I speak on Friday's update - guild spotlight(!) - and I gave ya a little opening skit (which I'll change every episode).  Rock on TOR-zans... take it for what it is and have fun!

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Host of the USWTORV

~Aaron G. Thompson

PS: Thanks for rocking everyone.  'Casue you do!

Host of the Only Un-Official Star Wars The Old Republic Vodcast -

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