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I'm trying out the f2p because of the population

RekindleRekindle Member UncommonPosts: 1,206

I really enjoyed the Live experience but the lfg sucked.  Regardless of what people say the low end popuation on the Live server Antonia Bayle is hurting.  I can't spend a long time lfg.


So instead of subbing to live like I normally would I broke my own rule of not playing a f2p game.


I think SOEs F2P model looks ok.  I just bought the gold service (whis is on sale right now) which looks like the service you get with the live service.


I am totally against the idea of buying e-widgets for everything you do in the game but I really do no think that is necessary here. 


The only part that disappoints me from the get-go is that my 7 year old station account doesn't get a single perk that I can see on the Eq2x world.  In live a 7 year old SOE account means something.


I realize pug experience might be a bit rough in a f2p environment but i'm looking forward to locking my level at 12 and grinding out AA in lowbie dungeons.

I'll let you know.


  • AlysenMinaseAlysenMinase Member Posts: 361

    I done the same thing, switching from the Live servers to the Xtended ones. I bought the Plat membership (Yes, $200 is a lot, but I don't have to buy the upcoming expansion and I get 500 SC a month), and so far I'm having a blast. It's refershing to see so many players running around.

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