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This is a fail version of game...

Lazi0220Lazi0220 Member UncommonPosts: 5

Kingdom heroes has been released originally in Taiwan, and its still ranked in top 40 games recently.

But the company of NA version made this game dead like hell, even the most important event in this game - "Kingdom War" has less than 300 ppl participated in those few weeks.

This situation might be caused by many reasons, such as bugged patch, failed promotion or the design of cash shop. The gap between those cash spenders and non-cash spenders is too huge, it makes the population decreased very quickly by those non-cash spenders' quit, low population, more ppl quit, the game is dead like hell.

After 11pm PST, usually there are no one's talking on national chat, ppl are afk grinding for exp then get bored after their lvl capped, then quit, that exactly the lift cycle of a newb joined this game.

Anyways, another free 2 play game, always free to trial.

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