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Lovin It!

mrputtsmrputts Member UncommonPosts: 271

Just finished my 8hr trial. This game is fun plain and simple. Tutorial is simple enough and doesn't bog you down (although there is a bit of reading required it is a quick read.) Combat is smooth and different especially with multiple targets, but fun. Have not had to deal with any pvp or griefers yet, and the community  has been very friendly. Music and sound effects are nice. (except the hit beep which gets pretty fucking annoying.) Grafx are ok not Eve Pretty but do not look bad at all.


This is definitely a must try for anyone that is a fan of space games.


And for only 10bucks a month and no account purchase fee you get alot for what you are paying for. (I have already subbed.)


Hit me up in game or grief me I am flying as Akrin Tor.




Ea is like a poo fingered midas ~ShakyMo


  • JimmacJimmac Member UncommonPosts: 1,667

    If I wasn't playing Eve I would be playing Vendetta Online. I agree it is a fun game with a good (but admittedly) small community. 

  • mrputtsmrputts Member UncommonPosts: 271

    Just remember for every person that subs it is a +1 to the player base :) can't have a big community if noone subs right?

    Ea is like a poo fingered midas ~ShakyMo

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