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Mentioned on MMO report 11/18/10




" long can you play a broken game before that self loathing starts to set in.. "


Always nice to see G4 keeping up with the latest news on things.  Looks like he's all excited.  .  .

"I'm not cheap I'm incredibly subconsciously financially optimized"
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  • SelpharesSelphares Member Posts: 430

    Not sure but I only get an odd phone promotion.

    Ah ok more than that after all. Honestly not even know that it does give something like that, anyway is it maybe not a bit biased that tehy have that big WoW Map in the background? You know sometimes news should at least try to look well neutral?



    Soo I watched the whole thing for well getting the information that the game must be getted patched, which we actually all know already and had a most time a long report about lizards and dragons? I  feel  somehow betrayed for my money. I mean I awaited maybe a biit more information about MMORPGs but they spend nearly half the time to explain dragons?



    Yes I should stop to edit all the time, but what exactly is the sense in a show that actually half of their sending time not actually botehrs with their topic MMORPG, special sicne they seem to take some effort into looking cool and all. Not to mention that I hoped to get some maybe after patch news. I mean even like "After thepatches the game is bad as ever" would have been a news for me, right now in the case of FF14 it only seem to be there to get some hits and make themself known.  How should I put this I hoped for informations and well not exactly what was there *sighs*

    Ok maybe I just try to see to much into this, in that case sorry for all the babbleing.

    It is not against negative crtic in that case to make a clear statement, it is just about the way how the show is made. For example the gametrailer review that was done by is very negative about the game as well, but way better done.

  • CorresCorres Member Posts: 132

    okay i have to bring this up now. are you seriously giving us a link to a show from g4? yeah sure as you didnt play ffxi you wouldn't know but there was that time g4 used every news, that has been given out from SE about ffxi-updates and a special announcement (Pandemonium warden) to say: well better move on to WoW. And it was this absolute idiot who did a brilliant job for stating clear that he knows nothing about the game and i seriously mean NOTHING! do you really think i would have a real discussion over this from a G4-link? what's next? Buzz Lightyear making ffxiv responsible for the death of Bambi's Mom?


    and now here we are some years later. This time it's ffxiv.

    yeah game is unfinished and all that. And i get your standpoint. But please for the sake of discussion do NOT bring G4 into this because at this point it just gets really really sad how bad you try to convince us and to "save" us from this game.

  • choujiofkonochoujiofkono Member Posts: 852

    Originally posted by Corres

     yeah sure as you didnt play ffxi

        Yes I did. 

        A lot of people watch MMO report for news on MMO's.  Seems they are hitting the nail on the head. 

    "I'm not cheap I'm incredibly subconsciously financially optimized"
    "The worst part of censorship is ------------------"

  • Colossus1979Colossus1979 Member Posts: 125

    actually i  stopped watching that drivel ages ago, because frankly if it's something G4 or they host himself doesn't hear squat about it. then if you do hear about it it's just to bash whatever you do like about it. like for instance...lotr...which i enjoy they basically call a failed failed in fact they are coming out with a new expansion...not folding like he claimed. he even did a damn eulogy on it if i remeber correctly, singing the praises of "almighty wow" the whole time if i remeber correct.

    in fact alot of times they'll do entire shows just saying "wow this" or "massively"'s liek the only 2 things that come out of his mouth. is it funny, sure but it's not REALLY a news source for mmo's....hell i get more info from mmo's being on here than i ever did watching that show. basically g4 in general just hypes what they like and damn everything else. it's one of the most biased things out there. and in all honestly he waits until everybody else said it first to just try and jump on the bandwagon anyway.


    the game has been out and openly flawed since sept, here he comes in nov. trying to say "HA HA!" even after SE themselves said "yeah we screwed the pooch." maybe he didn't have a new "they give you even more shit for doing nothing." article on wow so he decided to beat the horse corpse.


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