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SV locates the reasoning for corrupt patches.

thorppesthorppes Member Posts: 452

"We are working on a new patch to solve corrupt data we got on our last patch, which we did test for some days on our separate test server, but even thou areas that was not changed in that patch some files got corrupt in the build when rebuilding the network code. Something we hope will get solved from our partner so we can avoid corrupt data being patches as it only happens every now and then. Now that we know this can happen without any changes at all within the rebuild software we will carefully monitor that. We will also expand the software that verifies client/server files to avoid similar problems.

Instead of rollback because a few players were affected by corrupt files (yes we do know numbers of affected players and it’s a minority) we are rebuilding a patch that should solve that for everyone. We were hoping it would go faster hence we haven’t replied yet about an update regarding those affected by fatal error, skills or extraction broken. We are now testing the build for corrupt data after that it will go live.

The good part is that we finally found out why so many of our patches have issues in areas we haven’t even touched which was as frustrating for us as for the players affected. We have made a very strict procedure how to ship a patch to really avoid any failure on our end.

There is no doubt that the core we are using is fully functional now without any restrictions for us to proceed with the global development. We still have a few areas which need some work and a few bugs that we need to focus on. But the difference is day and night when it comes to today’s build compared to the old one. We still have a few hiccups but it’s nothing we can’t handle or solve.

We do have coverage of player status as in stuck players caused by the corrupt files and we do have information of server up time so we have information about what we have caused and about how many players are affected as it is not everyone but a minority of our players. We will try to evaluate this information and see what we can do to try to compensate all our players that been suffering from critical bugs and downtime we have caused."


  • DiekfooDiekfoo Member Posts: 583

    Good to see that they find the problem.

  • ToferioToferio Member UncommonPosts: 1,411

    I could tell them their issue lies withing their lack of skill already a few months ago. But I call bs on this one, SV always finds error somewhere else for their problems. It was epics fault for desync (which is still there), it was eppics fault for bad AI, apparently it is now their fault for some corrupt data too..

  • Mad+DogMad+Dog Member UncommonPosts: 778

    OMG this guy talks crap. What makes me laugh the most is you lot still falling for it. LOL

  • HanoverZHanoverZ Member Posts: 1,239

    Why is it still OK for SV to release game breaking patches??? Saying "sorry or we are working on it doesn't mean much.  Beta was 5+ months ago!!!

    Its gotten to the point where its considered an "accomplishment" for SV to address one of their self induced bugs. image



    If I  repeatedly kick you in the nuts, but offer an ice-pack afterwards, does that make me a nice guy? No...and stop thanking me for the ice. image


  • DLangleyDLangley Member Posts: 1,407

    This topic is already being discussed in another thread. Please do not create multiple threads to discuss the same topic.

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