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Dedicated thread for questions to be answered by BioWare Studio Insider.

The Old Republic™ community has a lot of questions and we want to answer as many as we can. In fact, we’re starting this new discussion on our forums solely dedicated to finding out what you want to know. Each month we’ll create a new thread for you to ask questions in. We’ll be reading and reviewing all of your questions and featuring some of them to be answered in a future Community Q & A section of the Studio Insider!

Questions need to be about Star Wars™ The Old Republic™ and can range from small details to general questions. Future threads may be topic specific, but this month we're leaving it open for you to ask anything

related to The Old Republic.

Some things to remember when posting:

  • Please keep questions courteous and respectful

  • Avoid duplicating the same questions in the same thread (it's okay to post the same question in the following month's thread)

  • Limit yourself to asking one question per month

  • Please do not bump posts. Your post will be seen; there is no need to continually bump it or post a repeat of your question.

Keep in mind, as well, there are some questions that we’re not able to answer right now, so if we don’t get your question answered specifically it may just be that we are unable to talk about it at this time.

Thanks! We’re looking forward to your reading your questions!

- The Old Republic™ Team


Direct Link to the Thread HERE

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