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do we dare hope?

neorandomneorandom Member Posts: 1,681

the games being handled by soe, we all know what that could mean for it yet....


unlike city of and co they actually seem intent on letting us have super powers this time, city of you could have super strength and invincibility, and a regular group of morons with 9mm lead bullets could take you down, champions online didnt really even have proper super abilities by name, either way you were a weak chump that a group of delinquints with street pistols could wtf pwn in a few seconds if there were enough of them.


but lex luthor has come back in time after brainiacks victory is all but certain, and he has brought advanced nanites with all the best powers scanned or sampled or whatever and built into them, you can does on superman nanites and be all he could be with the darkside smashing punches, the eye beams that can set a sun on fire and the ability to take any hit that isnt laced with cryptonite without dieing like a bitch.  and they might even let us mix and match, be part superman part flash ect!  theres tons of cool powers in DC and alot of them seem to be in the nano options, steam pre order even offers a bane venom injector!  so on top of having super man nanites, you can have bane venom shot directly into your heart!  note that side effects may be unhealthy but meh, its more unhealthy to be on the recieving end of the whooping thats undoubtedly about to befall any enemy in range once a super man nano clone shoots up with venom.


but being developed by sony, no matter how good the ip, can mean death, just look at what they did to vanguard saga of heroes, of the star wars galaxies debacle, or matrix online *shaking due to bad memories and mental trauma*


im gonna temporarily consider lifting my lifetime soe ban long enough to see if this game comes out as the first playable super hero mmo that might actually make you feel super when you play it, but if they fuck it up ill never give them another chance.


in the end when all is said and done with the previous successfull hero mmo city of heroes, everyone was equally super and not all that super at all, and when everyone is indeed barely super, no one is super.  im not saying there should have been an imbalance in how super the players were compared to each other, but between regular mobs and supers, should have been far more, an invincible tank should have been able to wade into a field of 100 street thugs with 9 mms and laughed as they had their own rounds bounce off and hit themselves.  the counter would have been to have super foes be the bosses of gangs and such, and they would have had access to your one potentially fatal weakness to use against you if you screwed up ect.


  • salamander13salamander13 Member Posts: 100

    Why should anyone listen to anything your saying if you once said "Im never playing another SOE game for the rest of my life! The BAN is on." But then when they back another new game you say "Ok I think this is the game I'm gonna try." Try to have the courage of your convictions.

  • neorandomneorandom Member Posts: 1,681

    because so far soe has put out nothing but crap, yet at the same time the xplay coverage of DCUO, do we dare hope theyve made something that isnt complete crap?!

  • ValentinaValentina Member RarePosts: 1,946

    Yes, do hope. :P

  • rmasonrmason Member Posts: 140

    I actually have faith in SoE on this one. DC Universe is going to be their first actualy game release (aside from those junk free ones) in a long long time. This is their chance to restore faith in them and show us what they can and are doing with their new direction for game development. Fingers crossed in hope it isnt another blunder.

  • n25phillyn25philly Member Posts: 1,317

    It's a good time to have hope...

    member of imminst.org

  • AlexTheTallAlexTheTall Member Posts: 174

    Seriously, I am a huge DC fan and I wasn't really looking forward that game couple weeks ago and now it's kinda growing inside of me because of the last news. 


    They took their times to send us what the game is and it's maybe better like this. I will see future updates and see if my money gets better and I may pre-order.


    Yes, I do start to hope! 

  • jpnolejpnole Member UncommonPosts: 1,696
    I think SOE has learned their lesson. I'm sure they've also learned from the other slew of crash and burn mmos since 2008.
  • neorandomneorandom Member Posts: 1,681

    2008, pfft, soe hasnt shipped a decent mmo since pre planes of power eq1!


    but i been watching vids, iconic battle suits pvp, looks so dam fun, i really want one!

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