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Any guilds on Madoron servers?

BigBadWolfeBigBadWolfe Member Posts: 143

Me and my sweety are both long time Wow players, she's hardcore, I'm casual, but we feel that we will be able to work well in any type of guild, raiding or not.  The problem is that we consider ourselves gamers first and WoW players second, and it's getting pretty old playing with people that Literally do not know any games exist outside of WoW, if anything at all. 

This is probably the only forum I can think of that is Warcraft related but not an exclusively WoW website.  We have both toons on horde and Alliance side, but transfering to a different server is out of the question, as you have to pay for each toon which can get pretty expensive $_$.


We're pretty flexible, we just want a guild that's that's fun, not too small, not filled with the guild leader's spawns, and has a healthy interest in gaming outside of WoW, please help us out!



I have four healing specs, and my sweety has two tank specs but she prefers to tank exclusively on her Pally.


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