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AdalwulffAdalwulff Member Posts: 1,152

I've played this game on and off for years, it's so damn addicting, but is this really a MMORPG? I guess so since its here!

Would love to start a clan and go at it again, the game is alot like EVE in some ways, very cut throat and political. Maybe we can start a MMORPG Clan!

There is a bit of a learning curve, but its fun, you guys should check it out. No fees either, unless you want a few extras, but most players use the free version.



  • deckradeckra Member Posts: 4

    It's more like a MMORPGRTS. Combination of the two genres. Lots of RPG happens though, which is enough I guess. 


    On the topic of a guild, I'm more then happy to set up a guild in alpha (a simming server) in which I can help anyone that wants to learn to play play. It is incredibly hard though if your not willing to learn, or intelligent enough to learn.

  • Kasabian91Kasabian91 Member Posts: 1

    Iv been playing AE for over 4 years now (Account Start: 1,560 days) and i still love playing it.


    I only play Alpha though, as soon as Beta opened i joined as i did with every server after that (except for Juno) but to be honest after alrady building 1 account up i couldnt be bothered starting another account from scratch, even more so now as my Alpha account has kept growing.


    Anyone thinking about join AE i would recommend joining Alpha first because, although its the oldest server, you would probably have more chance to grow there as theres more players willing to help new players learn the game and because Alpha is also know as the tame server due to all the pacts and rules that guilds have in place in that server.


    For anyone that does decide to join please feel free to message me in-game (Account ID: A.5221 - My name: Kâ§âbîâÑ) and i will do what i can to help with any advice ;)


    My account may not be the biggest but i have a fair knowledge of the game and and spent a lot of time in the past helping smaller players grow.

  • SilverKnight1966SilverKnight1966 Member Posts: 9

    Alpha server is also the server that discovers the best practices when something new is added to the game.


    I learned a lot playing Alpha, on my third account there now.



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