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Why has this game not gotten that much attention?

I just started playing this game a week or so ago and am shocked how there has not been much attention on it.

It is a f2p game with more content than most p2p games. HUGE open world set in Historically accurate 1500's. Sandbox type skill system with 3 schools you can go into (adventure, trader, battle) and you can choose any of the skills you want to start working towards leveling them up. The graphics are a little dated but I would compare this game to Eve Online in what it offers. Tons of PVE content (so much so that you have to learn different languages to talk to NPCs in the towns of another country. It also open PvP in certain areas.



  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 22,236

    Probably for the same reasons that the console games upon which it is based didn't get much attention 15-20 years ago.

    Which was also unfortunate, even though I don't know what those reasons were.

  • birdycephonbirdycephon Member UncommonPosts: 1,314

    i like it. Maybe it will get more popular when it gets out of beta.

  • SuraknarSuraknar Member UncommonPosts: 852

    It is just great, and puts to shame many of the MMO's released in the past dacade.

    Sandbox approach, open ended Skill progression System (no limited set classes), Open ended gameplay , Seamless sailing in a huge world! Player and Guild Housing etc and PvP (do not think this is a PvE only game).

    I haven't had that much fun since UO. And I am still surprised after 3 weeks of playing at the level of depth in this game. It can be complex because it has many many possibilities.

    Another element that we rarelly find in MMO's is educational value this game actually has a good degree of it.

    It is very different that any other Asian game I have tried (and hated). I am utterly surprised by it, specially because it holds all of the elements that I have been seeking in an MMO since UO, and who would have thought that such a game would be made in Asia..all this time kepy buying NA designed MMO's and wuiting them 3-6 months later...a waste of time and money, sinc eall of them are the same with duifferent costume...same actions bars same mechanics same Prograssion based focus, dressed like a Talking Cow or Dressed like Captain Kirk or Dressed like Obi One kenobi or Dressed like a Chopa or Dressed like Connan really fed up of this.

    And I am really glad about UWO, I see myself playing it for years to come, and if you feel like me, you are missing something by not trying this game, and besides, it is F2P, so it is not like if you have to spend money to try a game that you will not like in the end. So I gave it a try and I am astonished by it and very glad I did.

    - Duke Suraknar -
    Order of the Silver Star, OSS

    ESKA, Playing MMORPG's since Ultima Online 1997 - Order of the Silver Serpent, Atlantic Shard
  • infamouswhoisinfamouswhois Member Posts: 185

    could it be something to do with ppl mulitboxing and having 4, 5 chrs/ships running around together all the time? it is somewhat fun tho

  • SuraknarSuraknar Member UncommonPosts: 852

    Multiboxing is not allowed, they ban accounts for that.

    That being said, the first Ship in Every NPC fleet is named so, not all fleets you see are players.

    - Duke Suraknar -
    Order of the Silver Star, OSS

    ESKA, Playing MMORPG's since Ultima Online 1997 - Order of the Silver Serpent, Atlantic Shard
  • MyrdynnMyrdynn Member RarePosts: 2,435

    I tried to like it really but when i see 86 people running around with names gksd27 and the likes I just get irritated.


    Its also very slow and I got bored with the tutorial very quickly, Im sure its better after that but F2P games I just cant get into

  • thecrapthecrap Member Posts: 433

    yeah I really dont understand why people pay a monthly fee to so were opposites

  • Miles-ProwerMiles-Prower Member Posts: 1,106

    The game is definitely... different, but it deviates from the typical norm I'm comfortable with. I think I'll stick to my plain yogurt of MMORPGs and stay in my comfort zone.


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  • fugue14fugue14 Member Posts: 59

    because f2p is garbage.

  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Member CommonPosts: 10,910

    Is it anything like Bounty Bay Online? I couldn't play that for more than about 10 minutes or so.

    I can not remember winning or losing a single debate on the internet.

  • buegurbuegur Member UncommonPosts: 457

    Definetly not for the impatent or those who want to be spoon feed, but it has the most to offer in a MMO since SWG in my opinion.  I recommend giving it a try to those who are looking for something different off the beaten path.

  • DestructhorDestructhor Member Posts: 88

    Honestly most people probably saw the dated graphics mixed with the fact it's FTP and didn't give it a second glance, I just dug through the official website a bit, sounds interesting though not really my type of game...

  • HekketHekket Member Posts: 905

    1) It's F2P

    2) It came from Asia.

    3) Any questions?

  • SuraknarSuraknar Member UncommonPosts: 852

    I learned today that a player can hire Aides at lvl 20 (not total level), and throughthem have additional ships and form convoys of up to 5 ships.

    So, some of what some may have seen may have been misunderstood as Multiboxing too.

    I am still having loads of fun, one of its better aspects is that it strikes a balance between solo and grouped play, you can do both whenever it pleases you.

    That being said, I agree with some it is not a "typical" game, in that its not Progression Focussed, like most other present day MMO's. Do not try to rush in it, enjoy it, it is about the journey about the adventure and the open endedness.

    I have not had so much fun in a game since UO and SWG and for me it has earned its place besides those games. It has avery good crafting system too fitting very well in its Player Economy mixed with the NPC one, this game feels like a world, not just a game with bells and whistes wrapped in a bag of , very well thought out, expansive and deep gameplay.

    Its playable area and destinations as well as content within its own mechanics and context actually rivals EVE too.

    Now the graphics style may not please everyone, then again Gameplay > Graphics for me, and yes some players name their characters oddly, but we are in 2010, it is howplayers name their characters now days nothing we can do about it, if you want to deprive yourself from fun because of the way someone named their character, your choice, again I choose the gameplay and fun and do not let myself be bothered by details such as this.

    I would personally vote this game one of the best MMORPG of the Decade.

    - Duke Suraknar -
    Order of the Silver Star, OSS

    ESKA, Playing MMORPG's since Ultima Online 1997 - Order of the Silver Serpent, Atlantic Shard
  • IchmenIchmen Member UncommonPosts: 1,228

    Originally posted by Suraknar

    I learned today that a player can hire Aides at lvl 20 (not total level), and throughthem have additional ships and form convoys of up to 5 ships.

    actually only part right. 

    you can hire a max of about 4 Aides, only 2 may serve on your ship at any given time. with the rest AFKing in your dorm/house. 


    that said, only a lv 90 aide can sail a spare ship, which means you have to be max level in order for the aide to be lv 90. as far as im aware reading the japanese wiki and the english one. you can only really ever have 1 max aide sailing a ship if you are able to use both aides sailing a ship that would be at most 2 bonus ships. not 5 

    most of the time you are better off getting a decent ship and fleet up with company members instead of relying on your aide for anything but their bonus skills

  • SuraknarSuraknar Member UncommonPosts: 852

    Thanks for the clarification Ichmen! :)

    I am actually happy it is that way, and that the information I was given was not accurate! Because I prefer forming a Fleet/Convoy with Company members as well, I think this is a very good way to have some very fun group Adventures!

    That is probably the most important aspect of this game which renders it so Fun, it is focussed on Adventure (I am not refering tothe Adventure Path in the game but the Overall gameplay), not on Progression. While there is progression it happens as a result of a player's Adventures, therefore it feels like a live world, not a lifeless game.

    And to me that is what MMORPG's shuld be about.

    - Duke Suraknar -
    Order of the Silver Star, OSS

    ESKA, Playing MMORPG's since Ultima Online 1997 - Order of the Silver Serpent, Atlantic Shard
  • madmichaeljomadmichaeljo Member Posts: 8

    For those with a F2P vs a P2P antipathy, for the last 5 years this game HAS Been a P2P in it's 4 markets. China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. and there, they still pay to play. As big as the F2P in this game world is there still 2 major updates in those markets that are not seen in this game being played. 

    The gold sellers turned up about about 2 and 1/2  weeks into the open game(one week of OBT) Oct. 7th. They started at $30.00 for 10 million game gold, it is now down to 16 Euros for 100 million game gold.

    There are offers to powerlevel for $85.00 for 24 hours of play. That means that on top of the Player economy and the NPC economy, there is a LARGE external economy being driven by this game in several countries. 

    How many MMO's have real true educational benefits? This is one that really and truly does.  It may well not be a game for you, but could it be a game for your kids? Well the filters suck, and the mentally adolescent   go to great legnths to show how bad it is.   

  • GrunimGrunim Member UncommonPosts: 172

    I've played this a little and am still slogging through the very long tutorial.  It is an intriguing MMO and it's helping me learn some geography too!   I appreciate how I can decide what I wish to focus on in the game.

    I also appreciate that my avatar can be a fat guy.  It would have been cool if I could have made an old fat female avatar, but alas they opted to provide a cute little girl avatar choice instead.

  • MokweeMokwee Member Posts: 286

    12/07/11 :)))))))))))))))))))


    more specifically, 3am where i am 12/07/11 :P

  • BarCrowBarCrow Member UncommonPosts: 2,195

    ...because it's not Scottish?

  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 36,510

    Originally posted by BarCrow

    ...because it's not Scottish?

    absolutely, I only play Scottish made MMORPG's.

    F2P and Asian (and old graphics) pretty much are turn offs for me.

    Toss in plenty of gold farming/selling and its pretty much a non-starter in my book.

    Finally, its in beta?  I wait till games are released these days before sinking any cash into them. (and I never play F2P games for free, no point)

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  • madmichaeljomadmichaeljo Member Posts: 8

    beta ended Oct. 8,2010. full game , one server. 

  • thecrapthecrap Member Posts: 433

    scottish MMORPGs??????? I have never heard nor seen a scottish made MMORPG? can you give me a title :o

  • itchmonitchmon Member RarePosts: 1,987

    haggis & golf online


    edit: i has a max-level hooligan

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  • ShadanwolfShadanwolf Member UncommonPosts: 2,380

    I was excited about the game.WAS.I started to take one of the training school tutorials...and my eyes glazed over and I could not bring myself to even play the game.WAY too much information jammed into too short a time period,Certainly was a way to create a bad impression on me.

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