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Looking for a Replacement for RK

I've been playing Renaissance Kingdoms for over a year now and it's progressively gotten worse.  My husband has played for almost 4 years has now allowed me to play his character enough to keep him alive.  We're very disappointed to say the least.  I'm looking for another RP game very similar to RK, but without the game bugs/glitches, more of a challenge and less war games.  Is there anything out there?  I never thought I would enjoy rping as much as I have, but I do.  I only have time for one game and really am interested in finding another great distraction.  Thanks very much.

Arwen D.


  • LeagolxLeagolx Member Posts: 222
    try the lfg forum

    If your going to ban the trolls please for our sake ban the Fan Boys too.

  • drake_hounddrake_hound Member Posts: 773

    If you love roleplay and want free to play try dungeons and dragon online or lord of the rings .

    Both are free have a quite active roleplay community .


    Well i dont know how pirates of the carribian roleplay is , since only visited the test server .

    But its free to play similair style and has player run economy and elections .

    It seems a game really made for roleplay , not even jumping allowed .

    But sadly dont know how the state of roleplay is , but its free to play too .

  • LadyKejiLadyKeji Member Posts: 4

    Hi Arwen. You seem to like the graphic roleplay but have you ever thought of playing a text only roleplaying game? I've played alot of MMO's but when I have that thirst for true roleplay, I always gravitate back to text games. This may not be your thing but it could be worth a shot. or have some good listings of rpg's. Good luck!

  • anothernameanothername Member UncommonPosts: 200

    Maybe you'll find what you are looking for here:

    Does this Kingdoms game have an official RP server?

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