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So how about that PvP?

WycliffeWycliffe Member Posts: 354

Been what, two weeks since anyones posted in this forum? Apathy, the silent killer. Anyway, since Alganon is adding PvP I'm making a discussion thread because someone has to.


  • MadDemon64MadDemon64 Member UncommonPosts: 1,102

    Too little too late in my opinion.

    Since when is Tuesday a direction?

  • LadyAlibiLadyAlibi Member UncommonPosts: 297

    I kind of dig Alganon as a quirky little game, but I am not sure about the point of PvP... Doesn't that require enough population to have people who also want to fight? I am more of a PvE person myself, so maybe I am underestimating how badly everyone else playing wanted to fight each other.


  • rhinokrhinok Member UncommonPosts: 1,798

    Had to reformat the HD  and do a clean Windows install on my machine a few weeks ago and just couldn't muster up enough enthusiasm for reinstalling Alganon. So, I didn't do the Halloween event (which was only available to players who bought an item in the Tribute Market ) and haven't experienced the new PvP system.

    As for the PvP system itself, I have some misgivings:

    • The population isn't dense enough to support anything more than duels between friends. During the few months I played, there were always <20 players on (many times <10) in my race at various times--day or  night--of the week. Who are players supposed to fight?

    • The Tribute Market is absolutely skewed pay-to-win, IMO.  When one can enhance his or her attack power, protection and HP so significantly through purchased items, it really makes PvP unfair to those who don't pay.  What's significant? In my gear comparison analysis, I could bump my level 30 ranger from 970 HP to 1510 HP with a single purchase.  That's a huge increase!  That same purchase will also increase my protection and dramatically increase my attack power (Level 30 Full Ranger Gear set to augment my in-game gear - huge benefits).

    I like Alganon and I like PvP, but I won't be playing Alganon again anytime soon and definitely won't participate in PvP when I do unless there are major changes to the revenue model.



  • goobernautgoobernaut Member Posts: 6

    PvP in a PvE game that has no end game is a bad investment. Of course, without the population to bother creating 10-20 man raids for why are they creating PvP for people? Add in the fact that the game has 2 races and 4 classes and PvP is going to get real boring real fast. Just my humble opinion.

  • MadDemon64MadDemon64 Member UncommonPosts: 1,102

    Of course, this could be a gamble to increase the population.  By adding PvP, they are probably hoping that it will attract more players.  But I stand by my "too little too late" opinion.

    Since when is Tuesday a direction?

  • FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Member RarePosts: 4,420

    I've been too busy getting back into WoW and occasionally playing LOTRO to check out Alganon.


    I can't really criticize them for adding rudimentary PVP to the game, as it's far from the worst use of their resources.  But it doesn't sound like it has made a dent in their population issues.  At this point I don't have any idea of how they can salvage the game, but it sounds like their hopes are pinned on European servers.  They might be trying to sell their IP and thus shutting down the game would hurt those chances.

  • neorandomneorandom Member Posts: 1,681

    any game with massive i win buttons in their in game store and pvp will attract a very specific clientel, e peeners with stolen credit cards

  • nariusseldonnariusseldon Member EpicPosts: 27,774

    Is alganon still getting like less than 10 player playing at the same time?

    If so, pvp is moot. Who are you going to kill? Derek Smart?

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