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neorandomneorandom Member Posts: 1,681

man i havent had this much fun since i got my first legos over 2 decades ago

the game has all the cheesy fun combat of a lego star wars or lego indiana jones

but with the depth of earning far better sets of items like any good mmo

just got my samurais last peices of his level 3 set, long and costly process but im the coolest thing since jello!


18 regular pets to tame, then if you dare, you can challenge and tame the mighty lion, king of the block jungle!


you can drive lego cars in races, you can run foot races, you can play shooting arcade games, you can do tons of stuff


then, when you feel like it, you can go to your own chunk of the world, and you can make anything you can possibly imagine out of legos.  you can free build with blocks you dye the colors of your chooseing, or you can build from sets of premade sections of things like medieval castles or pirate forts or old west or city scape airports and such.  im personally planning a little star trek project to see if i can build my favorite klingon bird or prey =D


like the title says, if you like legos, and dont like the mess, or dont have the space to build a life size bird of prey model in your house, this game is totally for you.


ps its also pretty much kid proof safe, you have a filter that borders on insane on innocent words it blocks let alone anything you dont want a child to read.  although parental assistance while playing encouraged, some puzzles are quite challening if you dont have mom or dad around to google or figure out whats going on!


  • MogcatMogcat Member UncommonPosts: 193

    Sounds awsome! I just wonder if its buy to play or P2P cause I was thinking of getting it.

  • neorandomneorandom Member Posts: 1,681

    i paid 39 bucks on steam, supposedly after 30 free days its 10 a month, they havent asked for any cc info or setting up a game plan yet and ive been too buisy to get out of game to see if ill have to sub at some point hehe, steam details did mention a sub after free period though.


    the game has eons of life if you like building legos, not so much if youre just going to do quests get a gear set and then be bored cause you dont like to build with legos.

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