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Too much crowd control

ukdopeukukdopeuk Member Posts: 22

One thing that really bugs me in this game "cc" .

far too much cc mixed with stupid amount of dmg and you dont have a pvp game you might aswell have a fps .

in this game you can have stupidly high amount of dmg which can instantly kill sombody or you can cc sombody to death.




multi skills that do the same thing, being able to take 3 pots one after the other all of this and yet pvp can take a blink of eye and its over.

rant over


  • BoudahXLBoudahXL Member UncommonPosts: 199

    LOL, well it's not just Aion tbh.

    Nobody like to lose control of their toon over another player. Even more if losing control mean long enough to kill it. I still don't understand up to this day how game designer get the idea that  "CC: is fun. My worst "CC" experience are from Warhammer online and Aion, where you can kill someones toon under 3 seconds with "CC" that last over 5-7 seconds...


  • JakdstripperJakdstripper Member RarePosts: 2,410

    the problem i found in Aion was not CC in itself but the choppy combat. this game just doesn't feel smooth at all even with 0 lag.

    i always felt that the animation timers end up feeling like they are fighting against you more then anything. wile it looks nice it "locks" your character into place wile the animation is playing out.  in pvp where you always need to readjust your position and fluidity of movment is key this gets really annoying. add to that a good ammount of CC, that lock you into place for longer then just 1 or 2 seconds, and things get very frustrating fast.

    this is why global ability cooldown (like WoW)  is much better than using animations as a cooldown for skills and abilities. basicly unless you are casting any sort of skill which requires a cast bar you should be allowed to mover your character. even wile you are waiting for the global cooldwon on you abilities you should be able to move.  in Aion you can't because just about every ability has an animation that locks you in place for half a second or more.  this makes for a very chopy and rough especially in pvp where every sliver of time counts.


    i hate to bring WoW into this gain but i belive that why it is so fun to play and therfore pupular. the combat is extremely smooth

  • JakdstripperJakdstripper Member RarePosts: 2,410

    i just resubbed last month and wile it has improved a bit the feeling stuck thing is still there.

  • Shatter30Shatter30 Member UncommonPosts: 487

    choppy?  Ive played Aion since china beta and never found it "choppy".   Maybe im missing what you are saying but the animations look great

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