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The Official I Like EQIIX thread

xpowderxxpowderx Member UncommonPosts: 2,078

I noriced the sticky"I hate SOE thread. In the past year I think Sony is finally listening to its customers. I have seen a very big improvement with EQII especially with the release of F2P EQII Extended. EQIIX is highly successful. As such feel free to express the good qualities you like about this game. If you are enjoying EQIIX, feel free to share your adventures there. lowbie or high level!


  • ChieftanChieftan Member UncommonPosts: 1,188

    Here's what I'm finding:


    -The graphics jump out first, the spell effects are neat and there's a ton of great looking places to visit

    -Tradeskills are original and pretty addictve

    -SOE always makes too many expacs but since I didn't pay for any of them who the hell am I to complain about so much content to explore?

    -I have MMO ADD so I like being able to play without having to start a sub here, cancel one there, resub here, etc.

    -The SK is a nice class...I enjoyed the berzerker too.



    -If you aren't careful you might spend more money paying for stuff than you would as a subscriber

    -The overall gameplay isn't as smooth as what I'm used to in WoW.  AOC was the same way.

    -Some of the spell effects are a bit overdone and out of place.  The bow and arrow animations have been messed up since day one.

    -Same old Million Quest March as WoW.  I might just find a good hunting spot in every level range instead of playing fetch for every NPC in every town.

    Overall its alot like AOC.  Its pretty close to WoW in quality but for whatever reason never captured near as much mindshare.  4 our of 5 stars.

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  • Nightbringe1Nightbringe1 Member UncommonPosts: 1,335

    EQX is the reason I no longer have any active SOE accounts, and have no intention of ever reactivating my expired ones.

    Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do.
    Benjamin Franklin

  • ArnuphisArnuphis Member Posts: 103

    I'm having so much fun that I threw down for a plat sub. It's so nice to go back and enjoy the 1-90 content again and have lots of people around to group up with.

    I would never be back playing EQ2 if it wasn't for this fresh start and new idea. I hope SOE keeps promoting it as we do need a steady trickle in of new people to keep it fun.

    My only criticism of it so far is that they should NOT have allowed character copies from the Live servers to here for at least the first six months. Consequently, this allowed some of the elitist blow-hards who had worn out their welcome on the regular servers to show up with their geared level 90s. Some of these fools are now operating with a false sense of superiority over everyone else. I suppose it's amusing to watch them proclaim server firsts for things they paid $35 each to get a 90 level head start for, but the server could really have done without these twerps bringing their 1-9 squabbles here. But if they want to spend $840 just to be the first to kill a raid boss then I guess it provides a good chuckle for us peons who are actually here for a fresh start. We will be working towards doing the same thing for considerably less money and making new friends along the way.


  • ShienShien Member Posts: 26

    I agree, SOE can do whatever they want with their games, and making additional $35 per  transfers are not a bad deal for THEM, but it really distorted the experience for lot of the new players and would be live EQers.   It's a very short sighted money grab move that I hope it doesn't negatively impact the population, this is a great game but we need more fresh body!

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