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Heroes of might and magic online only for asia?

Kinda wierd but i got the message when i tried to connect to the server : You need an asian IP to connect to the server...

Just curious..HOMM has hundernds of thousands fans all oevr europe and usa. Cant think of any reason why they would do that but..if anyone has slightest idea why pls inform..Game is great  from what i read,its like turning homm 3 into a massive multiplayer game with lvl cap for your character at lvl 100 works real time apart combat which remains ofc turn based...


  • feena750feena750 Member UncommonPosts: 330

    They IP blocked it back in Beta due to some company legal issues.  I played the beta before they IP blocked it.  The game was not good at all.  They married WOW with a few HOMM features.  Your hero runs around grabbing quests and stuff then you play repeatable maps where you walk along a path killing monsters.  There are no mines, no taking over people's castles, pretty much no strategy.  Other than the look of the repeatable maps, fighting, and monster types there is nothing about it that is like Heroes of might and magic.  Also due to heroes having a limited number of units available on them at one time battles are not very strategic like in the other heroes games.  Its mainly a grind where you play the exact same maps, killing the exact same monsters over and over again until your a higher lv.  Then you can battle other players in the arena.

    There is another online heroes game called Might and magic heroes kingdoms which is better I think.  It is closer to Heroes of might and magic in some ways, but further in others.  It is a slower game especially in the beginning, but it actually has some strategy at least.

  • Yavin_PrimeYavin_Prime Member Posts: 233

    Thats sad, I was going to play this game and noticed that too... funny thing is I thought HOMM was more of a US/Europe based game.

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