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F2P and general thoughts on EQ2

ChieftanChieftan Member UncommonPosts: 1,188

I hop around alot between MMOs and I have to say I like how EQ2's F2P works.  I've always hated putting in my CC info even though the first month is supposed to be free.  This lets you just pick a login and password and jump right in without a huge download.

After getting into the game I tried one of the free classes and leveled a bit in the Kunark newbie zone.  Its not as glitch-free as I'm used to but overall the presentation is nice and EQ2 does a few things different.  Not much mind you but there's some stuff I like.

One thing they could improve would be to at least let you preview all of the classes if only get an idea of the feel of the classes and decide if its worth plunking down money on one.  My mind was already made up and I paid to play a SK.  I think its a great class concept and the SK was one of the EQ classes I never got far with but always wanted to.

Another thing they seriously need to change is the heroic opportunity spell effect.  The lightning bolt thing is fitting for wizards but it makes no sense for just about everybody else.  Every class should have their own effect that fits what they do.

Overall I'm ready to play much further but in a totally non-committal way.  I've always admired EQ2's graphics and the general sense of the world...hopefully it'll be one I can stick with for awhile.

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