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Jaded Outcast

Jaded: Cynical by experiance

Outcast:: rejected or discarded

The History:

  My first MMO was Earth and Beyond, i thought it was a pretty cool game,i loved the sounds,the soothing sizzle of the mining laser,the comical Taddo Oh ad. Had great ingame friends was just hitting the middle part of my game when the shutdown came. So i bid farewell to my first love.

  Several months later i discovered SWG, played the trial and found it was something i could enjoy as much if not more than EnB, played that game for a year or so over 1000 hours, finally hitting my end game. Then it was destroyed with Wreckless abandon by it's creators. So good bye to my second love.

With these Two games i found i could really live through my Toon.

  From there i went to Guild Wars and after a year of it i woke up one day and asked why am i wasting my time with this.There was no sorrow when i left that game.

CoV was next, played several months, but found it had no soul, just mobs to kill and levels to grind.

Then i bit the bullet and tried WoW, i lasted just 6 days, i still feel dirty from that experience.

Eve was next,i could tell it was a step up  but for me it lacked something, what i don't know, but i found myself without a desire to even log in, felt more like a job than anything.

I find myself asking the questions why does greed trump enjoyment.   Simplicity, depth. The games i enjoy are destroyed and the games i despise suceed?

 Since then i have been MMO free, almost 3 years now, wishing for what was and what might have been, and wonder if there will ever be another MMO that will captivate me as my first true loves.


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