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Anyone have CE or SteelBox edition with GWwing key?

fnixfnix Member Posts: 4

Anyone have a guild wars wing key that they don't use?

I have Aion and i don't play it anymore, but i didn't get a copy of the wing code. And the steeledition is so hard to get here in Norway.

So if someone that paid for the AION boxed version and do not play Guild Wars can give me the promotional wing code, then I would be very very happy! It's a separate code that came with the box :)

Thanks in advice!


  • Hellfyre420Hellfyre420 Member Posts: 861

    lol i got it.. but how much is it worth to you? hmm ;)


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  • fnixfnix Member Posts: 4

    Is a US  30 days gamecard enough for you?

  • aithieelaithieel Member Posts: 232

    Wow, you really want that key.

    Sadly I used mine :<.


  • SwaneaSwanea Member UncommonPosts: 2,401

    wow I got mine free from some nice person on this board who didn't play GW...

  • fnixfnix Member Posts: 4

    I don't play Aion anymore, but i do play alot of GW.. 

    So I have 2 gamecards that are unused.. :|

  • Do you mean the emote that allows you to summon Aion wings in Guild Wars? If yes, I still have the code, I never used it.

  • fnixfnix Member Posts: 4

    Yes, thats the code Im looking after :)

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