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help me to find a good game !!

CrazyACrazyA Member Posts: 5

hello every one ,,

i post this coz i really need help to find a good game

i played alot of games but i dident like them soo i play them for 1 day then delet -.-

they all looks the same doing quest , fighting things dont know how they looks like ( same old ... )

in my crazy mind i want a game have a crazy adv.. when u play it u forget the time , dont get boring for it

the only game i played long is flyff it it is a nice game in the begining ,, play it 6 months then ,, i need for ever to get 1 level up

does any one know a game when u play it u dont feel the time pas and never get boring from it ,, not hard leveling up and when u fighting in it u really feel the fight , great graphic ,, and greater gameplay ,, online game play , all what i want is a good game ,, soo any one can help plzz ,, give me a name of a good game !!

srry ( my english sucks !! )

Answer me plz Fast Cant wait .


  • JimmacJimmac Member UncommonPosts: 1,667


  • CrazyACrazyA Member Posts: 5

    free game man free game

  • CrazyACrazyA Member Posts: 5

    its nice i try it ,, i want more games ,, more more (its free game srry)

  • JimmacJimmac Member UncommonPosts: 1,667

    You might like Dungeons and Dragons Online but I doubt it. It has a satisfactory F2P version like Warhammer does. 

  • CrazyACrazyA Member Posts: 5

    warhammer graphic are good really good ,, almost real ,, but i like more animation graphic

    in fact , i do not know really what i want

    thats why i post this

    i take opinion of the people .

  • CrazyACrazyA Member Posts: 5

    Dungeons and Dragons ,,  (lol) im not that desperate to play it ,, im looking for fun

  • shanzaymalikshanzaymalik Member Posts: 1

    as i think and also paly most of the that game is  Hercules.

    any body knkow about this?

    online TV channels of Pakistan

  • AkechtaAkechta Member Posts: 219

    This thread is in the wrong section of the forums - Get a moderator to move it to forum: LFGame.

  • AkechtaAkechta Member Posts: 219

    Moving back onto topic, good games include...


    RIFT (Personal experience)


    RUNESCAPE (Massive Personal experience, was very good hile I played)



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