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BSB NETWORK: Stable & Established Guild/Clan Recruiting


Established May 2002

Website -

Public Teamspeak 3 Server (50 slot) -

Clan Tag - [BSB]

Who Are we?

We are an online multi-gaming clan established in 2002 specialising in FPS games but also supporting various other online games. We have approx 100 members, all of various diffrent age, sex, race and nationalities! Our clan in primarily bases in Britain but we have many international members stretching from from Israel to Canada and the USA!  Our primary game support campaigns are for Company Of Heros Online & Combat Arms

What Do We Offer?

- Mature members, many of whom in their 30's and 40's

- UK based but with many English speaking international members

- Organized and structured clan gaming

- Lots of active members (on at all hours of the day throughout the week)

- Multiple game support  (for when you fancy playing other online games with friends!)

- Regular internal tournaments

- Teamspeak 3 comms servers

- Experienced & stable clan leaders and admins having served between 5 -8 years with [BSB]

- Fair server rules in all games

- Zero tolerance on hackers, glitchers and cheats

- Fair and balanced games

- Regular meet-ups for paintball, airsoft, BBQ's and general pi$$-ups!

- Membership ranking and awards

- Gaming with integrity

What Do We Expect From You?

All we ask from our members and prospective members is that they:

 - Play fair and don’t use hacks or glitches

 - Are pleasant and mature

 - Team players

- Try to be as active as possible, even if it's just making an appearance on our forum.


How To Join Us

If you have read the above fully then you are well on your way to being a successful member of this successful and popular clan! To continue follow the steps below.

* Step 1 – visit our website at and read the ‘Apply To Join’ page and complete the application/registration form

* Step 2 – We review your application based on the information provided. If suitable, a Probation Membership invitation is emailed to you within 24 hours.

* Step 3 – The Invitation gives you all your joining instructions and some further information, such as information regarding our Probation membership, community forum, TS server and in-game application.

* Step 4 – You must serve a minimum 3 week ‘PROBATION’ period. During this time you are classed as a TRIAL member of BSB. You will not be permitted to take parting certain activities such as Clans Wars and some BSB tournaments.

* Step 5 – After 3 weeks our recruitment team review you based on your attendances, attitude and general input to the clan over the past 3 weeks. If suitable you are then emailed a Full membership invite and welcomed into the clan.

Further Details

Teamspeak 3 Public Server (50 slots)



Xfire Contacts

Steam contacts



In Game Senior Contacts

IGN : [BSB] Boximus  (Clan Leader)

IGN: [BSB] Sosad  (Co-clan Leader)

IGN: [BSB] Tin4 (Senior Officer)

IGN: [BSB] BOFH101 (Senior Officer)

IGN: [BSB] Jumpmaster  (Senor Staff)

IGN: [BSB] Confidential (Senior Staff )



Please Note

While our members are very light-hearted, friendly and fun loving, we are an organised community. By joining us you are committing to a Gaming Network, we want players who are prepared to be involved with socialising within the community, taking part in our tournaments and events and generally promoting and supporting us whe. We have strict Membership Terms (rules) and Codes of Conduct (Behaviour rules), these are there to PROTECT our members & friends and help to maintain our stable & organised clan. Therefore we expect that these rules be respected at all times.

People who have a bit of common sense and who are mature & friendly will not have to worry! However if you are tempted to just join for the hell of it, or because you have nothing better to do I would strongly advise you don’t bother. Please ensure you have fully reviewed our joining criteria above before applying to join us. If you join us and then feel we aren’t the clan you’re looking for please ensure you inform us of your decision to leave.

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