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Burning Legion Alliance

toljartoljar Member UncommonPosts: 173

The IRONFIST Clan was founded in 2001, and began to grow within games such as Everquest, Planetside. and World of Warcraft. Planetside saw the birth of modern IRONFIST, which would grow and spread out from those beginnings. Within World of Warcraft, IRONFIST has been one of the longest standing presences within the guild community, being incorporated into the game from Closed Beta through to Present. Fisters has united across many games over the years, Warhammer, LotRO, TF2, CoH, League of Legends, SC2, Planetside and Global Agenda to name just a few. 

If you are interested in a clan of gamers that strive to master gameplay, who value teamwork and unity, for whom Brotherhood brings about success, then IRONFIST is the clan for you. Just take a look at our Mission Statement to better understand what it is to be a fister and what our fundamentals of Honor and Brotherhood mean. 

To those who wish to join IRONFIST, head over to the Recruit Application Center to read through the simple application procedure and apply to join. 

We use a Teamspeak 3 server for communication it is required for all battlefield/raiding operations. Feel free to log on any time to chat with us. (for TS3 information send me a PM asking for it I will gladly set you up.) 


Within World of Warcraft we are looking for those members who strive to be the best of the best. We do not wish to deal with those who will not learn their class or boss encounters. Everyone has a role and we expect them to be able to play it to the fullest. 

With Cataclysm over the horizon we are looking to fill three ten man groups and one twenty-five man group. IRONFIST has been around since beta and before we know what it takes to succeed. 

Our raid times are.. 

Tuesday 8pm server till 12am server 

Thursday 8pm server till 12 am server 

Monday (clean up day) 8pm server till 12 am server. 

We are working on a new DKP style system we will be using in Cataclysm and will be launched before December 7th. 

If you or someone you know will be interested in joining IRONFIST stop on by and fill out an application. All members will be put on a trial basis to ensure you will fit into our community! 


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