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this game sux my butt



  • noobletnooblet Member Posts: 2,274

    Originally posted by HillBill
    hey  im replying cause im the coolest girl ever and everyone please please email me at   [email protected]

    What in hell....image


  • HirzikHirzik Member Posts: 57

    Wow... didn't realize that many of you disliked the game.

    If you can't stand the real servers, try test server.  Has better xp/gold and it's good for learning what toons you prefer.  Also as far as the game goes, I'm still playing and I haven't yet seen any reason as to why the game necessarily sucks.  Yes it has it's flaws but nothing that the games that are praised haven't had to deal with or are currently dealing with.

    The game doesn't get hacked often if ever, it has some LoS bugs but hell many games still have a ton of them.  It has the best PvP I've seen thus far (as far as open PvP is concerned), it has some lore behind it (Lore determines each classes limitations, as to why you can't have Elven barbs, Half-Giant priests, Aracroix confessors, Nephilim Druids, Shade healers, etc.. etc...), and otherwise the leveling grind isn't too bad.  You can always gain fame no matter who you are or how long you've been around, just start griefing an enemy nation and wait to see how many posts are about you.  There are other fun qualities to the game, however since there are few of you that seem to be willing to give it a shot (playing for anything less than a month is not going to give you an accurate view of the politics, strategems, or the fun that can be found in this game; however this is not for those that like to be led around by the hand since the only thing you can rely on are the people around you).

    Well to anyone that picks up the game and honestly gives it a try, best of luck.  Also... to those that dislike the game... check the political forums for the different servers... you'll see some fun posts image



  • SerienSerien Member CommonPosts: 8,460

    wow i havent't posted in this thread for a long time

    sorry to those I offended, but I did not have an enjoyable experience with this game.

    I understand, however, that some of you may like it, and I respect that.


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