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this game sux my butt



  • SerienSerien Member CommonPosts: 8,460

    atleast daoc could run wihtout lag

    and it wasn't point and lcikc


  • I can see you are a WASD keys , High graphics MMOG gamer.

    Shadowbane isnt a sux my butt game. It is a matter of teamwork.

    I played for 2 days and i love it more than Savage Eden and MU Online.

  • SerienSerien Member CommonPosts: 8,460

    well doesn't the fact that you played for two days tell us all something?

    it sux too much to play for too long



  • Asc0ttAsc0tt Member Posts: 4

    I played the game for about 4 months if that helps my credibility. Yes lag is annoying, yes graphics are pre-EQ, yes PvM is boring, but its mass PvP system is one of the best I've played. You people compare it to games that focus too much on PvM such as EQ, FFXI, and practically every other game out their on the shelf. I mean this is one of the only games that requires real skill to survive. You know those really stupid people in MMORPG's that annoy the hell out of you because they seem retarded and won't respond or do stupid things like kill steal or spam? In this game they wouldn't survive, it truly would take people with smarts to lvl up past the "death stages" as my guild used to call it. And once you reached the actual mass-scale PvP stages, it really is an adrenaline rush. What're you gonna do in EQ? oh yay! I'm lvl 60! (or whatever the lvl cap is now)....I'm gonna lvl up another character to 60! it gets repetitive, and not much fun after that. I did, however, quit because of all the lag, hackers, bugs, and other game issues that made the game annoying. But don't knock it till you've tried it long enough because people who never played long enough to get into organized mass PvP don't know what they're missing.

  • GilthaniGilthani Member Posts: 65



  • Stravus-EBStravus-EB Member Posts: 79

    Shadowbane is a great game all in all. I have been playing since release and the game is completely different now. It is stable. I will agree on one point though this is a hard core pvp game it is not for the all the carebears out there. If you like pvp and extremly fast leveling this is the game for you if you like to hide in safe zones and farm all the time pick another game. 

  • elf225elf225 Member Posts: 85

    Shadowbane had potential, however the creators and the production company have not done their job.  Instead of fixing bugs they simply came out with an expansion so that you have to pay more money.  In addition, the whole political system is comical, their is no rules except bane a day keeps guilds at bay.  Who this game is revolutionary, lets all spend endless hours copying someone else godly character and then reroll because theirs a better one now.

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  • Stravus-EBStravus-EB Member Posts: 79
    Obviously you have not played Shadowbane recently. There are no longer and dupes. Most bugs have been fixed for that matter. Actually the reason most people reroll us because there is a very hugh learning curve to character development. The characters that the beta people rolled at release could not even compete now. Ubi started working on the bugs alot when they bought out WP in November of last year. They have went a long way too. Unless you are a current player of Shadowbane more than likely you have no clue what is going on there because Shadowbane is evolving constantly. It becomes a better and better game as the months go by.

  • DarktongueDarktongue Member Posts: 276







  • HandaHanda Member Posts: 45


    Does the "EB" in your title stand for Evil Bastiges?  If it does, then I understand why you are such a fan boy.  Even here, there seems to be the need to defend "zergfest" politics found in SB.  And yes, I have played SB recently and it DOES suck.  Anitquated graphics, paralysing lag in large battles (which is the only way the zerg alliances can fight) and customer service designed to piss off all but the most hard core fan boys. 

    Ubi just shut down 2 more servers.  If this game is improving with every patch, why are they bleeding customers?

  • Stravus-EBStravus-EB Member Posts: 79
    Yes I am a Bastage. You have to admit the game is improving greatly. The lag is minimal except on patch days. There are not many Sb errors left. Yes our alliance can field 60 to 80 people at times. So we do well. KGB and KoA can easily over run us. This game has come along way and the next patch is all about addressing lag and Sb.exe errors, so the game will only get better.

    Also for shutting down the servers, SB started out with 2 many servers and introduced new ones. The shutting down of old servers was done to consolidate the population in a few servers. Now all the servers have got population increases. Vengeace has a average peek population of 1400+. Corruption is back up to the 1k mark and so is Morning.

  • T!dusT!dus Member Posts: 21

    Quite frankly I think you people dogging this game are retarded.....this was a good game and quite frankly alot of people still like it rather you do or not.....

    I mean who cares if you do not like it I would rather get first hand experience and try it my self then listen to a bunch of retards moan and groan there thoughts on a "shitty" game....

    who are you????no one I care about so why would i listen to you in the first place.....

    i mean if there a super bugs you knwo about then tell me some of them instead of sitting there saying there is just bugs???

    how the hell do I know if you even really knwo what a bug is....

    so please give me a list of the bugs you have found....image

    "If you wish to taste the ground, then feel free to attack"

    "If you wish to taste the ground, then feel free to attack"

  • Aka-ShadowsAka-Shadows Member Posts: 188

    I dont know, Shadow bane was more of a pick and drop game for me.

    I remember the days i ran outside the village killing noob monsters as my character did 5 second stops everytime i moved ahh the glory of the game is remarkable.

    But i think its another floppy, Becuase i mean its a good game and all but......just.....* cough cough* not a dream game yeh'know

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    - Soverign Malus " Father Death" Forever Shadow Sect.

  • CoreChamberCoreChamber Member UncommonPosts: 146
    Shadow Bane is a great game, only if it had more of an end game.  I would love to see how this game would have turned out with the right money behind it. I give Wolf Pack A+ for the effort.

  • speaktome62speaktome62 Member Posts: 5
    Remember the people that suck the most complain the most..............image

  • OnizukaOnizuka Member Posts: 13

    I had a lvl 60 bard/blademaster in the game and i got so bored.The only people that play this game are the ones that just wanna run around pk'ing everybody. This game was getting praised for its wars, pfft yeah right thats if the servers could support the wars before lagging like hell and making any attempts of fun imppossible. Customer support sucked, my friend lost 2 +30 int rings because of an unexpected server switch along with alot of other rare items and when he sent a complaint letter to ubisoft they didnt give a rats ass about it.

    To face defeat is to face death.

    All warfare is based on deception - Sun Tzu

  • RealmSupportRealmSupport Member Posts: 1
    Realm Online Owns you. k thanks.

  • HirzikHirzik Member Posts: 57

    1) Learn how to insert a link.

    2) Things are still evolving and if you need proof of it log on the Test server, you'll see what is about to be implemented.

    3) Go cry me a river!



  • DalininDalinin Member Posts: 55

    or you could just tell us what is about to be implemented LOL

  • Rikimaru_XRikimaru_X Member UncommonPosts: 11,718


    Man, the title of this topic is sooo funny.

    I herd of "this game sucks" but not "this game SUX my BUTT"

    Buuahhhhh ha ha ha ha

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  • noobletnooblet Member Posts: 2,274
    Lol everyone says this game sucks? i actaully like it alot , and i dont lag in it at all so i dunno what u guys are talking about , also most of u guys that say it 'sucks' probaly cant handle getting pked , lol i for one find it to be a better game then DAOC , the graphics arent too great in SB but the character models and armor look sweet, and pvp in this game is wayyyyy fun, speciall when ur like an r4 and u manage to take out an r7..good times..good times image

  • conanownsconanowns Member Posts: 114
    Shadowbane sucks.

  • BronenekBronenek Member Posts: 240
    WOW! Biggest thread I have ever seen about a game sucking (not that all of you in this thread said that it sucked) so it really must be bad.



  • tusaelkyltusaelkyl Member Posts: 5

    Okay....I've been playing this game off and on now for the past year and a half...and i think its one of the better MMORPGS out there....and all u long did you play the game...2 days? one week? how far did you advance in the characer system? not far enough....because when u become strong...u can have fun PKing entire XPing groups...and loot them all...this game is great at the one thing it wants to be great at...PVP.

  • HillBillHillBill Member Posts: 1
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