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You can play Open Beta today if you want(Updated 5th Nov)

GoldiusGoldius Member UncommonPosts: 42

Like most i was dismayed with the shady marketing practices of PWE and this beta fiasco.

They have apologised which is great but i decided not to wait and play the full open beta to try it for myself

So i saw a link to the chinese version which is now in open beta(so no character wipes like the PWI version).

In the thread a player has been kind enough to make an "english translation" patch which works great.

I was suprised at how good this game looks and runs on my old 2.66 dual core 2gig ram GTX 285 rig.

It looks absolutely beautiful and i'm very happy after so many disappointments this last 12 months with unfinished games being sold as completed and ready to play.

Anyway enough gasbagging here's the link to the thread on how to get it running(takes about 5 minutes including a restart).

Don't forget to follow the thread to at least page 3 where Viney andDeedee give the explanation on how to apply the translation pack.


You will need his Version 4 of the pack which he posts later in the thread.


The very 1st page shows you how to register an account.


Enjoy and don't forget to say thanks to the guys that posted the guides.



  • micaelmoraismicaelmorais Member Posts: 88


  • GoldiusGoldius Member UncommonPosts: 42

    Updated guide on how to play Forsaken World Open Beta (original chinese version)


    We also have a guild for English speaking players details of which can be found in the original "how to play" guide...

    As soon as the PWE version goes open beta (sometime next year) most of us will probably switch to there but for the meantime feel free to join us in Open Beta.


    P.S. No Character wipes in Open Beta.

  • RoinRoin Member UncommonPosts: 3,275

    Have to say the game is fun. They seem to be taking the best parts of each previous game, and continously putting them into their newer games.  I especially like the Bard Class.  Looking forward to playing it on english server with alot lower ping lol. image

    In War - Victory.
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  • GoldiusGoldius Member UncommonPosts: 42

    Come join us in Open Beta.

    No character fake marketing of "closed betas"


    Just the original game from the original developer with no smoke and mirrors.



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