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(Poll) Your favorite GW class and will it effect your GW2 class choice?



  • emikochanemikochan Member UncommonPosts: 288

    Basically if you like naturalistic ranged style with a pet you choose Ranger, if you just want to shoot things choose ranged spec Warrior.

  • Clubmaster22Clubmaster22 Member Posts: 279

    GW had the best Rogue/Assassin Class i have ever played. The Assassin in that game really felt right with his shadowstepping, powerful but fragile combo-structures, animations (if a bit awkward at first) and great and nimble looking armor-designs.

    It just felt like an Assassin should feel like in a game: fast, mean, powerful but fragile. It was already great in PVE but boy was it fun in PvP. Arenanet where the only ones who did it right.

  • srsh12345srsh12345 Member Posts: 61

    Mesmer.  Fell in love w/ this class & I'm really expecting GW2 to be adding this class.  Not only is it an iconic GW class but it's just so fun to play.

  • VolkonVolkon Member UncommonPosts: 3,748

    Originally posted by Unlight

    Originally posted by tazarconan

    Originally posted by Loke666

    Originally posted by tazarconan

    It wont affect my choise since i quited Gw 1 after playing 2-3 weeks. The fact im playing ranger in ddo,Nwn series,oblivion  and  hunter in wow and rl sniper will surely affect my choise..Im guessing it will be...a RANGER

    You do know that they moved a lot of the ranged combat things to Warrior?

    Rangers can't use rifles to mention one thing. Is it the pet you want, go for the ranger but if it is a great ranged weapon fighter you want you might consider warrior as well.

    Seriously?????? :O

    I think I read that Warrior ranged skills are heavily canted towards AoE, whereas Rangers have much more diverse ranged skills and are focused on single target damage and control.  It sounds like Artillery versus Sniper.  Can't remember where I saw this so take it with a grain of salt. 

     That's close... warriors will be good at ranged AoE although ultimately, at range, they'll still fall behind the ranger. Professions will be good in a lot of areas and better in a few. Even rangers will be good in melee, but ultimately the warrior will prove stronger there.

    Oderint, dum metuant.

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