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Playing EQ2Ex, Got to New Halas, interest waning

jonrd463jonrd463 Member UncommonPosts: 607

I'm not new to EQ2, but I've never gotten beyond the mid 20's in level. It happens the same way every time, too-- I'll play pretty steadily and then I just peter out right in the middle of the 20's. I've never seen the higher level content in all the, oh, five or six times I've resubbed. So this time, I figured I'd do Extended, just to see the New Halas starting area. I've hit level 19, and am currently staring out the window of my house at the two bobbing icebergs. My interest is seriously starting to wane again.


But I have to ask myself, "why?" I've always been a storywhore, and it seems there's a lot of story in EQ2, but none of it has taken hold and made me want to dig further into the lore. The questing structure is also pretty wonky, even in what's supposed to be a new and exciting starting area with New Halas. Having to swim out to each island MULTIPLE times and likewise with the underwater cave is totally killing it for me. I know that MMOs in general artificially add these time sinks to  extend the play time, but the fun and incentive to continue quickly fades when it becomes a "Oh FFS, not again!" chore.


So, I guess I'm posting to ask if anyone has any suggestions for helping me get the most out of EQ2. Let's just forget that I'm playing Extended so as to keep the known limitations out of the way. I'm not above resubbing to Live if I can figure out a way to make it fun and worth it.


If it matters, my character is a Half-Elf wizard with a heavy focus on the fire spells in the AA points distribution.

"You'll never win an argument with an idiot because he is too stupid to recognize his own defeat." ~Anonymous


  • VyntVynt Member UncommonPosts: 756

    I usually have the same thing happen to me. Often in late 20s or 30s I will just stop playing. I did level up high once though, and the difference was on that character, I actually grouped with people, heh. Even a duo here, few people there made a world of difference. When I solo only, eventually I get bored.

    Not sure if you've only been soloing, but if so, that is probably why you don't get very far. Of course the problem is actually finding someone to play with, lol.

  • jonrd463jonrd463 Member UncommonPosts: 607

    That's probably it. I generally solo because my time is limited and the few largish segments of free time I get I'm usually very greedy with it. I used to be a guild player in WoW but it seemed like the handful of guilds I was in suffered the usual drama and fizzled and it left a bad taste in my mouth with regard to mmo players at large. That said, I still prefer the idea of sharing the same gamespace with others and maybe pugging here and there. I like singleplayer games, but they just feel so lonely when it's just me and the npcs.


    WoW really has turned me off to grouping too, besides the guild crap. So much of a focus on gear that I never put myself out there to LFG because I'm always behind the gear curve and I don't relish the idea of some jackass giving me the L2Play treatment because I'm not "l33t". Not saying the community in EQ2 is the same, of course, but it's an apprehension that transcends just the one game of WoW and slips into all MMOs I play.


    Maybe I should drop the shields and be more sociable...

    "You'll never win an argument with an idiot because he is too stupid to recognize his own defeat." ~Anonymous

  • plaxidiaplaxidia Member UncommonPosts: 171

    I have 2 sugestions..

    1. find the bigest social only guild you can. If you see drama in chat just /ignore thats why its there :)

    2. Group.. If you solo all the time of course your going to get bored.. MMO's by their very nature are designed for group play and although EQ2 is very solo player friendly its not going to be hugely fun if that is all you do..

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