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WoW Killer!

GreenJellyGreenJelly Member Posts: 55

This game rocks, all of you WoW fans should drop that 6 year old game and play a kick ass game like LEGO Unierse.  The PVP is awsome, and the incredible depth of the world is growing faster then any other game on the market.  Its amazing what a small company like LEGO can do in the MMO world...

*I have never played this game, I just wanted to post a "wow killer" post once in my life!  Now I am satisfied and will move on!


  • inBOILinBOIL Member Posts: 669

    Way too complicated for most of the wow players.

    Generation P

  • kirak2009kirak2009 Member UncommonPosts: 543

    I actually LOL'ed



    "All expectation leads to suffering" Buhhda

  • spookydomspookydom Member UncommonPosts: 1,782

    Awsome post. Nice to see not everybody is so serious around here. Bravo!

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