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TolKraTolKra Member Posts: 2
imageI can handle a Lil Lack But what I cant handle is the server going down Every other day. Its really maing me mad. Im trying to give them a chance to fix it but time is running out for UBI.


  • DerwoodDerwood Member Posts: 25

    If you have lag from your computer adjust the graphics settings.   If you are talking about the lag from the servers, yes there is some lag when you move to new section.  Ethier it is getting better or I am getting used to it.  It is somewhat similiar to DAoC lag.

    They are making a new world, I am hoping it will be better.  In a lot of ways shadowbane is still in beta.


  • DjinDjin Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,263
    I loved the rubberband lag... You're 2000 feet away from where you started,  then POOF!  You're back at point (a).  Gotta love it... oh!  And just like in UO where the monster was still kicking your arse and he's on the other side of the world... I love lag!  image

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  • DerwoodDerwood Member Posts: 25

    Heh, that rubberband lag is fun.  I have not noticed it that much lately.  What I notice is trying to loot a corpse and haveing to corpse move 10 feet away while I am looting it, and having the trees and plants pop up in front of me as a run through the forest is anoying.

  • jantzen05jantzen05 Member Posts: 5

    I do think there i lag problems in every game, and i dont know if shadowbane it worse than any others.
    I have played some DAoC and think the problem was bigger there.

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