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Rumors about Cardmon Hero

adiktusadiktus Member Posts: 128

Hello! As you can see in the title, there's a rumor that a game called Cardmon Hero will be released some time in the future. The weird thing is, I haven't seen any official announcement about it yet. Anyone heard about this game? Or is it just plain rumor?



  • StrayfeStrayfe Member UncommonPosts: 199

    CardMon Hero used to be Camon Hero and was hosted by and went through a Closed Beta with Uforia.

    It's also known as Orka Online.  It's okay for a free to play game, it has a decent summoning system, but really nothing that hasn't been seen before.

  • adiktusadiktus Member Posts: 128

    Oh so it went into OBT before? I see. Thank you for the info.


  • adiktusadiktus Member Posts: 128

    Ooooohhhhh!!! This game is indeed not just a rumor. It's true!

    I'm not sure if I can post a link here so just google "CardMon Hero t3fun"


  • sorrysoldoutsorrysoldout Member Posts: 14

    cbt is this november. giving this a try! :)

    you're a has been that never was

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