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What severs are most populated

jimmydatwinjimmydatwin Member UncommonPosts: 68

Looking at starting out new would like to make sure i dont get stuck on an empty server any advice?  Will probably go over to progression server in January, but would like a busy server for now so i can do some grouping on my way through.



  • MardyMardy Member Posts: 2,213

    Servers are all about the same, so pick any.  Don't pick Trakanon if you care about population as it's a newer server and is low populated.

    You are best off posting on EQ's forum since this forum isn't used by a lot of EQ players.


  • JimmacJimmac Member UncommonPosts: 1,667

    I'm downloading the EQ client and I'll be subbing pretty soon probably if I dig the first 10 levels of the trial. 

    I was wondering if anyone could vouch for any of the servers when it comes to community? In other words, which server(s) has an awesome community? I know most people can only speak for their own server (since most people don't play on more than one), but any help about whether your server has a great community would be appreciated. 

    I'll be playing the progressive server in January, but until then I'd like to get reacquainted with the game. 

    Thanks a lot in advance. 

    EDIT: Ah whoops, I meant to do this as a new thread. Ah well. 

  • MardyMardy Member Posts: 2,213

    I think any server will do fine for you.  I'm partial to Luclin/Stromm, I'm on that server and the community seems mighty fine.


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