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Grouping and camping

jimmydatwinjimmydatwin Member UncommonPosts: 68

Just curious as to whether or not EQ is played by finding a group and camp and chain pulling.  I am an old EQOA player and am looking for a game of that sort of mindless style and saw in a post in LFG that EQ may be one of the few options out there.  Also what are the odds of finding a group in low levels before the Progression server comes out (I would want to learn the interface before I started on that server).


Thanks for any input,


  • haddasmhaddasm Member Posts: 11

    Hey there; glad to hear that you are interested in EQ. It's a great game; though an old one.

    I've been playing off and on since '99. Yes, the game is very sit and camp/chain pull. This can be really fun with other people, you just sit and chat and gain xp. It's nice.

    Here's the rub; finding a group at low level now is rather difficult. This game is very very top heavy. Very.

    If you get Seeds of Destruction and use an AI group member; then things will go fast but you'll be leveling solo most of the time.

    I would still suggest playing; it's fun. I also played EQOA and if you dig that then you'll likely dig EQ.

  • JimmacJimmac Member UncommonPosts: 1,667

    Pretty sure camp grinding is one of the main ways to level in EQ1. That's one thing it was famous for, unless that's changed. 

    However, I posted because I was just curious if you decided not to go with DAOC, and why? 

  • jimmydatwinjimmydatwin Member UncommonPosts: 68

    I did enjoy DAoC alot for the first 2 weeks, but in the end it was a little to dated for with not much quatlity PvE.  I had just finished the Darkfall trial when I tried DAoC and Darkfall just seems like a better option when I feel like PvPing so I subscribed for a month and still enjoy it(although it too has its issues). 

  • JimmacJimmac Member UncommonPosts: 1,667

    Yeah PVE has always been DAOC's weak point in my opinion. I pretty much only play it for PVP. I can't compare the PVP to Darkfall since I never really got into Darkfall. 

    For PVE I usually stick to games like the one you're looking for here - camping and grinding with a good group and lots and lots of content at our disposal. 

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