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We need DBO in U.S.A.

We nee to get netmerble to let none Korean's register so we can play DBO it looks great.


  • nekrothingnekrothing Member Posts: 302

    It may look great, but it really isn't. A worldwide release would depend on how well the game does over in Asia, and so far it hasn't been going too well. The game is still only out in Korea, and hasn't even been released in China/Japan yet. Also, the games population over on the Korean servers is really, really low. Netmarble also hasn't mentioned any plans to license DBO in the US, or anywhere else for that matter. In fact, they seem to have a bad habit of not bothering to license alot of their JP/KR counterparts games.

    So the chances of the game releasing anywhere outside of Asia is slim to none.

  • Thx for the info. It could have been a great game or atleast a distraction

  • nekrothingnekrothing Member Posts: 302

    Originally posted by duragesic

    Thx for the info. It could have been a great game or atleast a distraction

    Oh most definitely. The game could have been really great, and it still has a lot of potential. It's kind of like FFXIV, where it's bad right now, but has the potential to be great. The developers just need to work on the game a bit harder and it could end up being really good, at which point a worldwide release will probably seem more likely. The developers also said in an interview that they're interested in releasing the game to a worldwide audience, so that's good too. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Dragon Ball is one of the most well-known series ever either. lol

  • xoltrix2000xoltrix2000 Member Posts: 2

    Well maybe the koreans don't like DBZ as much as the north americans or the chinese?

  • nekrothingnekrothing Member Posts: 302

    Originally posted by zephermarkus

    {mod edit}

    The English patch only translates a little bit of the game, like the menu options and whatnot. In-game dialogue, quest descriptions, and stuff like that don't get translated. Also, the English patch breaks after every game update, and requires constant updating in order to keep it working. The patch has also been known to cause some problems with some of the functions in the game. There really is no reason to have the patch, because after about a week or two of playing the game, you'll already know what menu options do what.

    {mod edit} to make an account for the game if you live outside of Korea would require you to do some things that are considered illegal{mod edit}

  • Julle08Julle08 Member Posts: 5

    I beleive there is an english patch out there only if you like the game that much, for me meh, ill just gonna play on my PSP. OT they should put a server here ( for the fans atleast).

  • dyermaker714dyermaker714 Member UncommonPosts: 192

    I can't believe the lack of effort that went into making this game. I dont have a racist bone in my body but I just dont understand why most Korean mmo's SUCK so bad. Like how the hell is killing the same mobs over and over entertaining? who would do that all day for fun? Maybe its just a dif culture or whatever the f*** but it just seems so dumb to me that they took such an incredibly popular IP with such exponential potential to make a huge profit and just made some totally half-assed game out of it. Like who is responsible for such crap? Seriously I just wanna slap the sh*t outta them. Maybe they'll improve it maybe not but i sure hope they do

  • nekrothingnekrothing Member Posts: 302

    Originally posted by dyermaker714

    Maybe they'll improve it maybe not but i sure hope they do

    They won't, even though I wish they would. It's been more than a year since the game has been out, and they still havent' even added flying yet.

  • dyermaker714dyermaker714 Member UncommonPosts: 192

    thats what im saying is WHY haven't they. just doesn't make any sense

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