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Patch 1.10 - Apartments invites and decorations

vqlyvqly Member Posts: 274

Out of the all the new stuff with patch 1.10, I am most excited about this one. Call me a silly RP'er if you wish, but my mind went blank with all the PVP stuff (kinda confusing), even though I am sure they're great for those that wants to PVP :D

Anyways, I just checked out the new apartment system, and it's fairly basic at the moment. They got the system in place, now they can expand it at will in the future.

Here's how it works. Reposting what I posted in patch note thread. Anyway, at least now with the apartment invites, you can actually use your apt as a crafting base and have other players come to it so you can dress them up, instead of making them wait outside, hehe.

Just checked out the new apartment invites and decorations... seems nice, but it looks like for now we can just buy back our default items (with the 1000 RPP everyone got by default): bed, table, chairs, and closet.

The interface was hard to figure out at first. You first buy it in the RyzHome "Buy items" section, left click on the buy graphic icon (looks like a chest and bag). You can view what you're buying if you left click on the view icon (cauldron icon that has arrows under it).

After you've purchased the item, you then go into the "Customize your apartment" section to place them, using the 4 arrows icon (looks like move icon in graphic software). The bed, table, and closet only have slot A where you can place the item, but the chairs have 4 slots (ABCD), the 4 places around the table.

When you click on the Place icon, but before you pick your slot, if you look around the room, you'll see "ghost" images of where the actual item is going to be placed according to the slot (you'll have to play with the different slots to see which represent what), e.g. the chairs. Others just appear where they're going to be. Table and chairs are in the corner, bed is in the middle against the back wall, and the closet is upstairs against the side wall.

To "move" an item to a different slot (like the chair), you first have to remove it from the slot (click on place again and click on the red weird looking X), then place it again by choosing a different slot. Another way to think about it is that you have to buy the items to fill the missing slots, and each slot has a toggled state of having the item filled or not. (I only bought 2 out of 4 chairs so in my case I can "move" them around, but this is not actually the case... e.g if you bought all 4 chairs).

Also, it looks like it'll let you buy multiple items (just 4 chairs for now), but not the unique item, like bed, table, or closet (when you tried nothing happen, no error message. You just go back to the menu but your RPP was not subtracted nor the quantity increased.

All in all though, I think it's a fairly neat system, and I can't wait to see what decorations we can buy in the future. It will also gives a lot more purpose for attending RP events in-game, to earn those RPP!

Good stuff, devs. Keep up the good work and the ongoing updates!

Edit: Oops, the things I mentioned above are for a Fyros apartment, hahaha. I reckon though there are "parallel" items in other races, like a hammock instead of a bed in tryker apartment?

Last thing, the "invite" feature basically add homins to your "allowed to enter apt" list. You'll see an "X has invited to his/her apartment" yellow chat message. Not sure what the cap is at the moment.

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