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What has changed in regards to Ryzom’s lore?

ShroudednovaShroudednova Member Posts: 29

Ryzom’s lore has always fascinated me, it was one of the main attractions for me back in 2005 when Ryzom won MMORPG’s Best RPG Story award. But after Nevrax folded the game suffered and I never went back because I feared my time and money would be wasted. I was right because the game continued to have problems and changed hands again. I just don’t trust that the game will not be shut down again and that fear has kept me away. But there isn’t a day that I don’t think about playing Ryzom again, I truly like the game, and greatly enjoyed playing it. I’ve not been able to find another game to replace Ryzom or give me the same satisfaction of playing in a sandbox world. I try to read the forums and keep with Ryzom news and this last upcoming patch is a nice one. I read about the new content that was added in the last patch, the marauder missions and new skills, and of the upcoming changes to player housing and PVP  – all wonderful news that one cannot avoid praise the new developers for their efforts. But what about the lore, what changed?



  • angus858angus858 Member UncommonPosts: 379

    The lore is the history of Atys.  Why would it change? 

    New events happen and players and guilds develop their own stories and relationships.  Sometimes these events are instigated by the GM's and sometimes only the players are involved.  This is layered over the lore and our story gets deeper every day.  But you have to be playing to experience it.

    Some things get added to the Chronicles of Atys but most of the story goes unrecorded.  As in any good sandbox-world the story is in our hands to shape.  We don't wait for developers to publish new "chapters".  That's our job.  Feel free to jump back in and be a participant :-)

  • GilgameeshGilgameesh Member UncommonPosts: 412

    Nothing is changed in the lore. You can check by yourself, looking the Chronicles of Atys:

    I don't think the game will shut down. The community is small but devoted and would pay the sub even with no time to play it.

    Most probably you still have your old account, and your characters are just waiting for you...

    Nickname registered on

  • MumboJumboMumboJumbo Member UncommonPosts: 3,219

    ^Create your own story. Stick with this game, if you like it so much, the sandbox revolution still is a longway off, and Ryzom is one of the best until such a time... it has a promising future imo. Back it all the way and why would you regret giving it you best shot? Cue: *Pat Benatar vocals*

  • MaDSaMMaDSaM Member Posts: 627

    In all probability, the current Dev Team will have made some changes, but only on those parts of the "lore" that we as players don´t get to see untill they happen ;)

    I mean they very probalbly changed what´s in store for coming years, because of the in-famous "leaked lore" incident, back in the days when the game first got sold. Some idiot stole data from their files and leaked it to the community. "Eyes only" Files explaining what the "meta-storyline" held for the future and some "sensitive" background info on the factions.

    As far as I can see the new Devs are very dedicated to giving us a unique and logical history developing "on our hands and under our noses" so to say. So it would be a real shame if they did not change one or two things in regards to not spoiling this experience for their players.

    The current development shows some fresh approaches and very strong regard to what the players want and prever in a Game, so I´m convinced that the things contained in these files are long outdated and I´m happy about it! :D


    Just come over again and try some of the great Live-Events that help you get involved in things.

    Only catch is: You actually have to participate actively and not just walk by and/or stand around to be "drafted into the experience" ;)





    Ryzom, we dare to be different.
    Do you dare to adapt?
  • vqlyvqly Member Posts: 274

    Woa! Where can I get my hands on some of these "leaked" meta-files?!?

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